Thursday, 21 April 2016

Blight Town - Playtest 3

So another Wednesday gaming day to report on. Went for Frostgrave again, another play test for scenario 2, looting Blight Town. It was mostly the same but the trolls were a bit more dangerous, Hoggar had strength now and kept moving up, and the other Troll could throw a rock.

I think the arrangement of the torches was a bit worse this time, so that is something to be careful of.

I set up my guys in the usual fashion to rush forward, and the elementalist crammed them all together.

Turn 1 mostly has people moving up getting close to treasures. I have my Templar back now so I am hoping he will do some damage! I sent my apprentice and some theifs up high to grab a treasure and run some interference. My apprentice used push to knock an enemy theif away from my treasure.

I lost a few guys to fire balls but then the real fight got going as the Plague Cultists were engaged. The crossbow guys are not really pulling their weight at this time if I am honest.

Close up of some action, my theif jumped into combat with the demonic apprentice who always passes his rolls. I am not certain if you can fall into base contact but we allowed it, no actino to fight thou as falling ends your turn.

Then the Templar and the Knight square off to see who is the most holy. This fight pretty much lasts the rest of the game hah. They both have magic items to boot.

Of course the Trolls are due to show up and start mashing people, which they do mostly. I am down a few guys at this point, so mainly trying to limp away with a few treasures.

The Bog Troll is having a good time killing guys, but Hoggar seems to have run into some problems. He took a big hit from elemental bolt, and then got killed in combat by the demon apprentice! I started moving up my wizard deciding that he would now have to go for a treasure himself.

Meanwhile the Knight and Templar continue to have a chat.

In the end my Templar won out, and my Wizard got his hands on some loot, so that was not bad. My guys all passed their rolls to not die and I ended up with 3 treasures, so learned some new spells. Slippery Pete was upgraded to a treasure hunter. The elementalists Knight ended up with a bad wound so will miss a game, but got 4 treasures so hired on a second Knight and fired a thug.

I am happy that the board set up and scenarios are working well, so we will probably take a bit of a break now until I can get my second table running. Assuming that I ever do!

My main concern for Cangames is how long games are talking. It seems like you are looking at around 2 hours for a game by the time all the out of game stuff is done, so I think we may have to scale back from 3 scenarios to 2 scenario per table. That is something to think about. But if we do that and play in both slots people can do the campaign for 2 different tables, or move around mroe if they choose. I still really like the idea of having 3 or 4 really different est up thou and people can choose where to explore and find some fun stuff, so some special treasures are definitely called for.

Might be an idea to have my second table as a bit more co-operative also, I am planning to have a look at the new Dark Alchemy book and see what I think.


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