Friday, 15 April 2016

(Frostgrave) Blight Town - Play Test 2

Hello All,

Time for a report on the second mission for Blight Town. Serge is on vacation down in the states this week, but I was able to find another victim so work continues. Thanks to Kevin for helping me try it out!

As before here is a copy of the scenario that is being worked on.

Looting Blight Town!


Terrain is pre-set. Place the 2 baggage terrain elements in the centre of the board, this contains 4 treasures. Place 4 Plague Cultists in contact with the hoard, one facing each table edge.  Players then place 1 treasure token each, 11” from edges and 6” from each other. Treasures must be placed on the walkways and not in the swamp. The hoard should not start illuminated by a torch.

Special Rules

The Plague Cultists do not follow the normal rules for creatures. Instead they remain standing by the cart, and will not move except to force combat, or to manoeuvre into combat with someone in base contact with the hoard. A Plague Cultist will always move and attack the closest figure touching the hoard. If a Plague Cultist wins combat they will always push back the opposing figure, and will not take a second action if one is available.

The Plague Cultists are delaying for time. Keep track of the number of turns that have passed, during the creature phase of the third turn Hoggar and 1 Bog Troll will enter the board from the centre of a non-player edge. In a 4 player game they enter from corners. Roll to see where Hoggar enters and place the Troll on the opposite edge. They act as normal with the exception that they will always wander towards the hoard.

Blight Town is covered in a murky swamp haze. Line of sight is limited to 12”, but models additionally have line of sight to the area within 3” of a torch.

While in the swamp areas of the map models suffer from the ‘wounded’ state.

The high platforms may be accessed only by ladders, models may not climb posts. The lower level platforms may be climbed at the cost of 1 movement action.

Torches and ladders may be affected by the telekinesis and push spells (Fight 0), but the distance moved is halved.

Add an additional Bog Troll and 2 additional Cultists for each additional player above 2.
Treasure and Experience

Death Cultists and the Troll have bounties of 10 Gold and Hoggar has a 20 Gold bounty. Do not roll for random monsters in this scenario.


Plague Cultist

Bog Troll
Large Weapon (2 Handed), Throw Rock (Range 10” Dmg +2)

Large Weapon (2 Handed)

Spell Caster

Bounty (20GC)

Hoggar AI
Enemy visible within 4" Move Attack
Enemy Visible within 6" Charge
enemy visible outside 6" Poison Dart or Curse if Target Poisoned, and move 4”
No enemy visible Wander 4" cast Curse if enemy visible, else Strength and move 4”
Blight Town Treasure Table
Spell Fey Light

d20 Roll
Purchase Price

1 Potion
Range: Sight

2 Potions
Cast: 10

3 Potions
Place a light source token, this operates as per the Blight Town Torch

Bog Shoes
Rules, note this may not be useful in other locals.

Grimoire: Fey Light
Bog Shoes

A model with these shoes is not affected by bog terrain.

We found that Hoggar should keep moving as he casts spells so that was added, and the Troll was given the ability to throw his rock. We found the regular Troll was the more threatening, as Hoggar tended to get stuck doing not much, so it was felt that the AI should be adjusted.

So on to the battle report:

So here we are on the first turn, my Enchanter and his guys are facing off against a bunch of Ratmen! I decided to use the new Wizard models I had just painted, because why not. So I put my Wizard and a few guys in the center, 2 thugs to fight for treasure and a crossbow man for overwatch, my apprentice and some theifs to run for the high up treasure, and a couple of theifs on the bottomw to flank around. The Rats more or less charge straight in.

I got my apprentice to give the bear a big push and sent him packing, this oddly started to become my favorite spell.

This is the end of the first round, everyone has moved up for position getting ready to attack.

Round 2 the rats surge towards the middle to start fighting the cultists.

I was able to kill the bear with crossbow bolts, and jumped my wizard to get in on the action a bit. But my guys have started dieing, so that is not great.

Turn 3 the scrum got going for real. My thief made it to a treasure way up top, and a rat man is escaping with his. All kinds of fight going on around the hoard, and my heroic thief Slippery Pete, first of his name is battling against a ratman treasure hunter, a ratman infantry man, and a troll is giving him looks.

Turn 4 ended now, allot of people on the main platform have died, including ym wizard! But my aprentice and her pals are limping off with some treasure. Meanwhile Sipppery Pete stands firm against 2 Ratmen and a Troll! The Rat Captain has jump accross and started a fight with my Crossbow guy, and a battle for the hoard continues, but the plague cultists are getting killed.

And the final result. Slipper Pete went on to kill both of the Ratmen he was fighting, but his wounds were to great to also kill the Troll, who went on to mash another Rat. My Apprentice was able to survive and pushed the theif with treasure off the table so I got one, and the Ratmen managed to get 2, 1 from the hoard, and all the bounties for killing the cultists.

I thought this mission was good fun with lots of fighting going on, and the Trolls showing up to put a good fear in people. Still working to tweak the monsters and their AI, and I want to have a nice table of flavorful special treasures. The last mission is going to involve defeating the chaos witch Quelaag but still have to work on that business. I guess it will be a bit like a mini-litch fight.


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