Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Painting - Frostgrave & Epic Armageddon

Hello Folks,

Well another week or so gone, which means it's time for another painting update. I got a bit more stuff completed for Frostgrave. I also picked up a box of Games Workshop skeletons, because I thought they were nice, to accompany the Skeleton King on my planned second table. Also I decided it was time to take a bit of a diversion from doing fantasy stuff, so I decided to paint something totally different as a change up. I find it important to mix it up now and then.

Apothecary and Man at Arms:

First up there is the Apothecary who can hand out potions, and a Man at Arms, who is tought to kill. The Man at Arms is from the Frostgrave Soldiers kit which I am starting to get a bit bored of painting guys from if I am honest, but still handy to have a few more. The potion man is a metal guy from Northstar and I thought he was pretty cool. I like the backpack of stuff.

Archer & Pyromancer:

Next up is an archer, pretty standard stuff. The Pyromancer was Kevin's idea, it is based on the pyromancers from Dark Souls which have a glowing fire glove that shoots fire balls. So I painted his glove with red and orange. I thought it was kind of funny, he probably will just be a normal old cultist thou.

Ice Crystals:

A few more terrain bits. I got these from Fandom they are just blues bones crystals. But I based them and tossed on some white edge highlights which makes them look a bit better. Give things a bit of a magical ice place feel. They were easy and cheap so I might get more stuff like that I dunno. I really need to get going on the main items for table 2!

Storm Troopers:

Well as previously discussed I decided it was time for a small mix up. This time I decided that 6mm Sci-Fi was the opposite of 28mm Fantasy models. Also I have watched a couple of battle reports of Epic games on the Guerrilla Miniatures Games you tube sight, so I was thinking it would be fun to play Epic Armageddon again. I have had this blister of Storm Troopers sitting unopened in my bitz box for literally 10 years! I got them when I was on my work term in Scotland. Sadly the Valkyrie transports were open and in the same place, so some parts have been lost. But since they are no longer available I decided to just paint them anyway, the 2 complete ones give the idea anyway.

Imperial Guard Infantry Company:

I had fun painting the Storm Troopers so decided to do another one. These are from the old plastic set. The Storm Troopers are the fancy guys and these are the grunts. Luckily these are all one piece models so no parts could be missing! 12 bases plus a command stand, and a couple of commissar bases in the back ground.

Sadly this is all the Epic models I randomly had in my bitz box. The rest I left back home in Newfoundland (but I sent for them). Well I also have the lower half of 4 sentinels glued to pennies, but the upper halfs are all lost. I think an army will be possible when I get the rest of the stuff, I forget how much is painted thou, and I have my old Eldar army here and that is fully painted. So I think there will be an Epic game coming some time.

I may have ordered some non-GW 6mm sci fi stuff as well...

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 171 
Painted: 136 (Only counting the 6mm stuff as 0.5 pts per base)
Total: -35  



  1. More Ice crystals would make for a really cool crystal caverns board. Could even get Seathe in there for more Dark Souls-inspired goodness.

  2. Ya could get that cave mat would be neat for sure.