Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Painting - Frostgrave & Epic

Hello Folks,

Another bit of painting done, starting to bog down a bit now if I am honest. I have been working on the terrain for the cemetery, using the GW Garden of Morr set. This is a really nice set but it is taking forever. I decided to get some colors in and paint things rather then just having everything grey which I have seen before. But man there are allot of little things in this set, but getting through it.

Also I didn't have time to set up my booth yesterday, because it was a mad rush to get ready for to days game as you will see, so the pictures are a bit yellow and blurry so bear with me on that.

Garden of Mor:

Here are the first 2 mausoleums, I am happy with how they turned out, but ya took awhile to get done. I will add a few bits of flock as well once I have the set done. I did the statue before so all that is left now is the biggest mausoleum and all the fences, which are big and detailed as well. This set covers up a good portion of a table but allot to do before cangames!

Skeleton Mage:

I also got this skeleton mage type guy. I guess he could be an apprentice with the Litch, or a monster. Really I just thought it was a cool model.

Then on Monday I decided that it would be a good idea to try and play a game of Epic today. So that meant I had to get some more stuff done to bring up the Imperial Guard to a playable level. I hit on the idea of using some Battletech models that I have had to proky and fill in. Plus I got a few tanks in the mail on Monday.

Big Tanks:

I forget what these were called, but they are a big tank with a huge gun, so I decided they would be Shadowsowrd super heavy tanks so hunt down big things. I painted the gun red so it is meant to be some kind of giant glowing plasma blast cannon or maybe a giant heat ray.

Scorpion Light Tanks:

Also did a pair of these little guys, I already had 2 painted. These are basically going to be sentinels, but I am going to modify the stats a bit to make them tanks and not walkers.


A couple of fighters, again I don't remember the real name but they will stand in as thunderbolt fighters. Need to bring some air support into the battle. I am quite fond of these.

Leman Russ Demolisher Tanks:

Now some real epic models. One thing that really stands out is how many weapons they have. The other tanks have a main gun and maybe a machine gun. These 40k tanks have a main gun, 2 plasma cannons, and a lascannon. Bit of a different aesthetic.

Hellhound Tanks:

Finally I have a set of Hellhound tanks, some big flamers to bring the pain. I think these are from a different version of Epic maybe as I think they are meant to be smaller but they are bigger.

I sprayed all these tanks and planes Monday, and painted them all yesterday, so as you can see that is allot for one day. But now I can do a pair of 2125 point forces to try out a game. I like the look of the Battletech stuff so might have to pick up a few more over the summer maybe. Would be fun to get some helicopters and boats and stuff.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 173 
Painted: 144
Total: -29  


Just for fun here is a quick shot of the forces for today.


  1. Looking good Mike...thanks for letting me in the observer seat.

  2. Impressive and beautiful buildings!