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Battle Report - Epic Armageddon - Imperial Guard vs Eldar

Hello All,

As discussed in the previous post, where I painted up a bunch of tanks, we decided to try out a game of Epic Armageddon. I quite enjoyed it, but I guess there is a fair bit of nostalgia for me playing these old Games Workshops games, so I am not certain how much everyone else enjoyed it. Anyway here is the report, I was a bit slack on taking pictures so that aspect suffers a bit.

Army Lists:

Steel Legion - Imperial Guard, 2125 POINTS 
Steel Legion (NetEA Army Compendium v2014)

Baneblade, 2 Shadowsword

Commander, 12 Infantry, Hellhound Squadron (3 Hellhounds), Tank Squadron (3 Demolishers)

8 Storm Troopers, Valkyrie Transport

4 Sentinels

2 Thunderbolts

2 Warhounds

I only have the bottom half of my sentinels, so replaced them with light tanks, I just changed the stats to make the full vehicles instead of light vehicles, dropped walker, and gave them a loner ranged gun, but same stats.

Eldar, 2125 POINTS 
Biel-Tan Craftworld (NetEA Army Compendium v2014 (v4.2))

4 Dire Avenger, 4 Fire Dragon

2 Dark Reaper, 2 Warp Spider, 2 Howling Banshee, 2 Striking Scorpion, 4 Wave Serpent, Exarch

Farseer, 7 Guardians, 3 Wraithlords

6 Jetbikes


3 Phoenix Bombers


I took the Eldar and Serge had the Imperial Guard, as I felt they had less special rules so would be a bit easier. We played the tournament scenario which has 5 goals that you try to complete, and you want to have 2 and more then the enemy after turn 3, or turn 4.

The goals are:

Blitzkrieg: You achieve this goal by capturing the objective that was set up on the opponent’s table edge at the start of the game (i.e., the first objective each player set up).
Break Their Spirit: You achieve this goal by destroying (not breaking) the formation worth the most points in the opposing army. If several formations are tied for the most points, you achieve this goal by destroying any one of them.
Defend To Flag: You achieve this goal if you control all three objectives in your half of the table.
Take And Hold: You achieve this goal by capturing a total of two objectives in your opponent’s half of the table.
They Shall Not Pass: You achieve this goal if there are no unbroken enemy formations in your half of the table.

My idea was that the big guard unit with 12 stands plus 6 tanks will be to hard to kill, so I should go for a blitzkreig and on other objective. But I almost immediately forgot about this and started attacking them!

Here is the initial set up, I had Guardians in the woods on the top then jet bikes aspect warriors and the big Cobra. The Guard have some Scorpion Tanks that scouted forwards, Valkyries hiding in the woods, titans, the big blog, and the heavy tanks. You can kind of see the objectives, 3 green trucks for the guard, and silver squares for the Eldar. In this game you alternate doing unit activations, and you can risk doing 2 in a row. I brought on my bombers and shot up the light tanks, which withdraw broken, and then the Imperial fighters try to shoot me down with not much effect. I brought in my second plane to pick at the infantry in the woods, who had doubled to drive back my jet bikes, and do a bit of damage. The Imperial titans and super heavy tanks shoot at my Guardians but don't do much. Finally I advanced my Cobra a bit trying to be cautious, a marched my mounted aspect warriors way into the woods to attack the storm troopers from behind. I was assuming I would get to move first on turn 2 due to having a much better strategy rating.

Sadly I somehow list and the Guard for to move first! The storm troopers were not keen to fight a bunch of aspect warriors, so they assaulted my unsupported tank and easily killed it. I decided that revenge was important, so I landed my vampire with another company of aspect warriors and was able to destroy all of the storm troopers and their transport with only 1 loss. But now my guys are landed in a not great spot. I called in my bombers to attack the tanks again and get another hell hound, and my mounted aspect warriors fire their lasers at the big unit as well putting a fair number of blast markers on them. The Guards heavy tanks and titans press forward and put a real hurt on my Guardians, I think they break the formation at this point.

So on to turn 3, time to start getting objectives. I decided it was time for my mounted aspect warrior formation to get some action so they assault the infantry and tanks on the hill. This went decently well for my but not great and I pushed them back with heavy losses, they were broken but still alive! I marched my other unit of aspect warriors to a take and hold objective, and sent my recovered jet bikes way down by the mountain to threaten the other. The imperial fighters flew a sortie but not much effect. The Titans continued to pund my Guardians and the heavy tanks headed back to their blitz objective. So without breaking their spirit I wasn't able to get 2 objectives. It looks like in the picture I also have defend the flag, so maybe we forgot about that or somethign else happened after.

So turn 4 I made a big mistake. I should have assaulted with my aspect warriors, but instead brought in the bombers again and shot up the unit. This game the heavy takes a good option to shoot my mounted aspect warriors so broke and headed back to the river. The fighters, scorpion, and titans then all shot them up and the titans got on that objective to prevent defend the flag. I used my other aspect warriors to kill the scorpion, apparently this was my revenge company hah.

Finally the titans wiped out the aspect warriors, and the heavy tanks broke my jet bikes. I landed my Vampire by the Guards blitz as a bit of a hail mary, it was possible to win if they failed every save, but they did not. I must have moved it by this picture. So we both had the break their spirit objective and that is it. In tie breaker the Guard had slightly more points of stuff alive so they were the winners!

So as noted above I really enjoyed getting a game in of this finally. Inspired by Guerrilla Miniatures Games who had a video for it on their sit. I felt the battle tech unit fit in well and I will likely try to add more. A bit of a tough situation for the Eldar, I would like to change out a few things but they are not in production and nothing really matches them so maybe out of luck on that.

Anyway we will have a new game sometime in the future who knows when, hope you enjoyed this!


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