Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Painting Frostgrave - Part 3

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting update. This time I have a bunch of Frostgrave soldiers that have been finished off. Working to get stuff ready for cangames, my idea is to have a table of soldiers each with a card of stats and people can choose what they want to quickly make a warband. Wizards will work the same with pre-selected spells.

Anyway here are some guys I painted.

Illusionist and Apprentice:

These are bones models so they don't paint up that perfect if I am honest, but they are not to bad. I felt like they made a good pair so I felt like painting them for whatever reason. Went with bright colors for a change as the book says Illusionist use bright colors!

Crossbow Men:

Next up a pair of crossbow guys, from the Frostgrave plastic set. I need these for my current warband, but also want them for Cangames. I am trying to get a good selection of soldiers. They turned ok pretty cool, but I think for the next set I will change out the blue for some other color.

Infantry Men:

Then I have a pair of guys with 2 handed weapons. I quite like the halberd guy, but the huge sword I am not as keen on.


Lastly there is the theif. I am quite fond of the lantern & pointing arms and the wrinkly face so I put them all together. This guy just wants to grab some loot and be gone.

Cultist Theifs:

Then I decided it was time for a change so I decided to try out a sprue from the Cultist box. These guys are way easier to paint as they don't have layers of clothers and leather everywhere. Also I think they look cool. Not sure if they will be soldiers to hire or monsters. Maybe some of both / depends on how many soldiers I get. Note the point arm from the other box hah.

Cultist Thugs:

This pair were much less successful if I am honest, in particular the chain guy is doing a mummy walk. But theifs and thugs are the bread and butter of Frostgrave so I figure you need allot.

Cultist Infantryman:

Lastly a cultist with a 2 handed weapon. Just a big club to smack people with. I am mostly keeping to the cheaper end of soldiers with these plastic sets, my intention is to use some more unique models for the fancier types, but we will see. I have more wizards and an apothecary on the way now.

Spider Swarms:

Finally for today are the spider swarms, more bones models. I did these mainly because I thought the rat piles were so cool, but they turned out kinda lame. Only took a few minuets thou so no big loss.

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