Thursday, 5 May 2016

Battle Report - Frost Grave - Dark Alchemy 2


Here is another War gaming Wednesday battle report. This time we decided to go for another game of Frostgrave but changed the setting to something a bit more standard. I thought it would be good to try a scenario from the new Alchemy supplement that just came out as a prospective introductory scenario for cangames. This one is co-operative and allot faster so I think it will be a good way to learn the rules, so we can put people through this one and then let them explore any of our 3 setting tables as they wish.

We just used our ongoing wizards, so didn't really obey all the suggestions of the book, but I don't see that as a big deal. We made one of the Skeletons a boss so said he had 10 HP and +4 Fight, will make up a real stat card for him later. Otherwise we just used defferent kinds of skeletons as seemed cool, two handed, armored, a mage, ect..

So here is our table, between the two of us we need to escape off the far end by the blue crystal, picking up 6 treasures while fighting the skeletons. The treasures are worth less then normal, but you also get points for escaping and killing things.

I went with my Wizard, Slippery Pete, a templar and an archer, Serge had a wizard Knight Infantryman and treasure hunter. So we have probably better quality guys then most people would have starting off but never mind.

Turn one everyone moves up, I teleported my Wizard way up by that skeleton. About this time I realized having a slow guy like a Templar is pretty pointless in this mission and he just followed behind and did nothing!

Next turn I killed my Skeletons and moved up, taking the pictures. The elementalist and his guys started fighting skeletons around the next point, which is where all the skeletons would come from.

The fight continues with the skeletons being killed and pushed back. The boss came out to get some action, kind of heading towards my Wizard but I think the Knight will save me.

View from the other side, the knight is just slightly closer to the boss, so that is good for me.

So here we are towards the end, the boss is dead and everyone is closing in on the last skeleton. In the end we got off with all the treasures and no casualties, but a couple were wounded.

As I said this ended up being a pretty easy and quick scenario, but I think that makes it a very good introduction. A bit easier to understand everything with half as much stuff to look after, so I will probably go ahead with this plan.

Let me know what you think!


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