Tuesday, 17 May 2016

More Painting for Cangames

Hello All,

Time for the last painting update before Cangames, have to switch gears now and start finalizing and printing of the gaming materials like cards scenario sheets ect.. But I managed to get enough done for us to have a successful event I think.

These pictures are a bit worse because I was to lazy to set up the picture taking booth.

City Gate:

First up here is the city gate for the introduction to Frostgrave table, well to be honest I am not really finished with this one, I really only did the front in any detail, but I think that is enough for now. I probably will at least do the eyes of the dragons in black maybe. There are more sculptures on the sides and inside!

Last Graveyard Building:

I also finished off the last mausoleum for the Garden of Morr, still have the fence to finish but I will have to get back to that someday, this set turned out to be allot more painting then I had expected.

Skeleton King:

I also got the skeleton king done, a Wight Lord from GW. He is a bit of a boss for people to fight in the introductory game, which is co-operative. Really nice model, they have lots of layers of plastic to create depth pretty smart. My plan is to expand into a bigger skeleton force eventually, I have some skeletal knights also but wasn't able to get them done just yet.

Leman Russ Tanks, 6mm Sci-Fi:

And finally my parents dropped off the rest of my old Epic stuff that I had left home. So I have been working through that a bit. First up I had 3 tanks from a unit of 10 that were left unpainted, so I did them!

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 185 
Painted: 175
Total: -10