Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cangames 2016

Well time for a post about cangames. I was a bit negligent about taking pictures for some reason, so instead of posting a report for each game I decided to just do one big post with a brief overview of all the games I played, and maybe a few others I happened to take pictures of.


The first game was our Frostgrave campaign on Friday, which went very well. We put players through a co-operative table, based on the second scenario in Dark Alchemy, so they could get a handle on the rules quickly. This worked pretty well I would say but we had to do it in 3 sitting which maybe was not idea. I am not sure if I would change this or not, possibly expand the scenario a bit only use it for the new players.

After that we let people explore the city however they wanted, but we tried to match up new players with experienced players in the start. We had 3 tables set up for that.

Blight Town:

My swamp table as you have seen before.


Duncan had a more classic Frostgrave city, with snow flock to make it wintery.


And stan had a Frozen Library, I didn't get a good picture of this but he will likely post some on his blog eventually which is linked on the right.

In addition to the 4 tables We had 2 painted warbands each for our players to use and we used 5 of them. We had 8 people that played at least one game.

On Sunday we were given the best terrain award so this was pretty well received.

Hail Caesar, Bagotrix Strikes Back:

On Saturday I played in Duncan and Eds Hail Caesar game. This year the Britons were trying to take a tower that the Romans had built on the end of their dyke. I was actually pretty on the ball for pictures for this one.

I had a few failed command rolls in the start, but eventually got my warbands to start killing the Romans around the tower. Meanwhile I cavalry got right into the action, and our right flank had to really march to get to the Romans.

Our cavalry was broken up by the Romans, but we beat up most of their stuff as well, leaving just one unit to releive the tower which we were not having much success in taking. But our Right flank eventually got to the Roman infantry and murdered them so it was declared a minor victory for the bad guys.

Fort Beausejour:

Saturday evening I played in Ed's Beausejour game, which was pretty interesting. This was a real siege game for most of the time vs an assault, although that happened at the end, which was interesting. A very different feel of a game. Turns were half day intervals and we had to decide were to put our works to best defend the fort, shore up defenses, ready more cannons, fight fires, ect.. The British had to dig trench works and manage cannons and supplies.

Various bad events happened to both sides throughout, our Indian allies left the fort along with the Acadians, but most of them came back. Problems with supplies happened, at one point a large part of the British force got angry and went back to America. Meanwhile the cannons shot each other.

The last event was that re-enforcements were coming from Louisberg the next day so the British did their assault. We mostly killed all the red coats, but the rest of the lower quality blue guys managed to get over the walls on our left. We lost most of our crew to a lucky mortar round and then a close in battery in the trenches. We made a good attempt but the fort was taken.

In the end I think it was called a minor French victory due to the cost of taking the fort, it was assumed the would take it from the start.

SS Grozny:

Sunday during the day I played in Duncan and Ed's ship game, which has a bunch of Somali pirates attacking a cargo ship. I didn't get to many pictures of this one sadly, but here is a good shot of the famous ship which was the other best terrain nominee.

This game basically had three phases. First was a pretty serious phase were our pirates approached in open boats from a mother ship based on a fishing vessel. The ship had a water cannon and sonic blaster to defend itself, along with a few armed mercenaries.

We took a good amount of casualties and lost some time, but eventually got the Bridge and missile battery to take the ship, which we discovered had a bunch of illegal cargo.

In the second phase a bunch of US military helicopters with special forces showed up and started killing a bunch of our guys. But we took one unit of them out in the bow section in a surprise assault with a large unit. A similar assault around the deck house lead to allot of arrested pirates.

Then the ships crew turned off the power and released the experiments of a group of scientists. This meant that zombies were now attacking everyone, and we had a zombie game on our hands.

Allot more pirates died and then everyone abandoned ship.

After that I played in the DBA tournament but didn't get any pictures of that as they don't use real terrain and I won't assault your eyes with felt cut outs, which do work I admit.

Finally here are a few pictures of other games:

Pathfinder tables, very cool.

Seven years war:

Ok I guess there was only 2 other games I took pictues of.

Anyway that was cangames.



  1. Good overview Mike...for some reason I also did not get dedicated battle report pics this year...I'm very happy with how Frostgrave turned out, looking forward to some more in the future.

    1. Oh, and great work on Blight Town and the dark alchemy table, very nicely done!!

  2. Thanks!

    yes should be fun guess we will be playing some games at the club, hope to get a game in the Library.


  3. Great Report!

    I didn't get any pictures of the Frostgrave game but I will post reports on my other games later in the week.

    We do need to play more Frostgrave (and Saga)

  4. Agree, I will probably try and organize a game of one of those in June or something.

  5. The Frostgrave terrain was very nice. I had a great time.