Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Painting - Frostgrave & 6mm Sci Fi

Time for the I guess weekly painting update. Didn't get as much done as I had hoped if I am honest, but making some progress anyway.


First off I completed the other half of my GW skeletons, so that makes 10 of these guys. Seems like I might want even more! Working on a few skeleton knights now. Basically all I have to do for cangames is finish the Skeleton King, the graveyard, and an archway. Anything else is a bonus but iy would be good to get some more soldiers and scatter terrain bits done. Also have to print up all the hand outs and scenarios and such.

Warthog SAM:

Also worked on a bunch of 6mm vehicles, I have most of this stuff that I ordered done now actually. Anyway here are some units with big missile tubes.

Warthog AA:

And some with AA gatling guns.

Komodo Assault Tank:

A set of tanks, lots of wheels on these guys. I was reading a blog by the guy who made these and apparently they were intended to be IFVs, but they got called tanks and it was passed down.

Growler IFV:

And these were originally intended to be APCs.

Scarab APC:

So these little cars were just cars. The cars are quite small so I am not sure what to make of them. To me it makes sense to leave the tank as a tank and call the Growler an APC. But it is a bit redundant to have the small car and the bikes form the last update which are better armed. But they maybe are to small to be an APC? Will have to think about that.

All I have left for this now is another set of tanks, another set of the bikes and some infantry. My intention now is to organize things in units of 6. Which means that the AA and SAM can go together, and 2 sets of tanks. So I need to get another set of the air, and I want to get some artillery as well. Still thinking about the infantry, 6 is a bit small there.

Anyway hope you liked these few pictures. Cangames will be here soon then it is time to move on to something else, kind of forced but oh well.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 185 
Painted: 171
Total: -14



  1. Those look good. Have you looked at the new Polyversal kickstarter for your 6mm stuff?

  2. Yes I did, actually their last one that failed is where I got the idea to by this current batch of stuff. I am not sure I want to play a different game but worth a shot, and a way to get a bit of stuff from a bunch of different companies.

    I like the look of their UN battle groups.

    There is the new sci-fi game from osprey also which I might get haven't decided yet.