Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Painting - Frostgrave & 6mm Sci-Fi

Hello All,

Time for another classic painting update. Been busy this week, the crunch for Cangames is in full swing for sure trying to get as much done as possible while still having fun. Basically 2 weekends left to work on terrain. But I went and painted some other stuff as well for fun, to break things up a bit.


Firstly a bit of terrain, 2 large (about the height of a person) piles of skulls and bones. These are from Armorcast, they don't look amazing close up but are nicely convincing from a distance so it works out. The main thing is I can now happily guarantee that our game will feature more Skulls then any other game!


And here is another Wizard, just because I thought it was pretty cool with the fire bird thing, can never have to many wizards. I don't have anything in mind apprentice wise, but can figure something out I am sure.


Another treasure chest, and a mimic chest. I really get a kick out of the angry face on that thing hah. We are going to need a bunch of treasures so good to keep numbers up, and they are usually quick. The other one is from Fireforge, the started sending me a few items from their Forgestarter.

War Dogs:

A couple of dogs, people are always looking for cheap troops in frost grave, so they can afford the expensive ones, so good to have a few options around. I decided to try experimenting with a bit of a frozen city type basing. So I tried some snow flock. It turned out pretty cool so I thought I would do a few things in that style.


First half of a box of Games Workshop skeletons, really like these models. But aprarently I have a soft spot for Skeletons. I painted the weapons all rusty and beat up, and gave a couple of them tarnished bronze weapons, at least that is the idea. So hopefully they will seem like really old skeletons, with missing jaws and mashed in heads!

Infernus Super Heavy Tank:

Not sure if this stuff will be a separate army, or go in with the Imperial Guard, I like the new army idea thou. Anyway I got some nice 6mm stuff from Microworld so couldn't resist painting a few quick items. The stuff all has wheels so I imagine they are from a desert planet.

Landhawk Scouts:

Then some very small scouts with rocket packs. They are like big enclosed bikes. I am still not sure if it would be better to have them separate like this or based 2 to a strip. Or maybe they should be individually based. They are basically at a size where they could go either way in Epic, seperate or grouped. My plan is to leave it as is for now.

Dragonfly Gunship:

Lastly I have a trio of dragon fly gun shits, quite like these models. I see them as being the attack helicopters of the future, they have chin chain guns and rocket packs and missiles under the wings. You can basically give them Vendetta stats. You may have noticed that their packs come in 3s which is slightly awkward for Epic armies. Three is kind of a bit to small for a formation, I guess that just means go for 6 but it is annoying. I will have to try and figure out some kind of a cobbled together army list eventually and see how it works out, likely will need more stuff.

Fusilier Missile Launcher:

Oh almost forgot I also did another infinity model for the league so might as well toss that in to get counted as well.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 185 
Painted: 161
Total: -24  

Getting close to breaking even, will likely slow down allot and maybe take a painting break after Cangames but we will see. Anyway hope you liked this stuff.



  1. Looks great Mike...the skulls and skeleton army looks really kickass!! I may have to borrow your skull piles for my table...if you're good with that of course.

  2. Sure can do that. I decided to use the second scenario from Dark Alchemy for my second table as an introductory one, which is only 2'x3' (and co-operative) so terrain is not so big of a problem for me now. Also should cut down on my length of game worries. I probably will still have more skull due to my garden of skulls (morr).