Friday, 27 May 2016

Battle Report - Saga - Skraelings vs Pagan Rus


So we decided to have another game of Saga, I was a bit negligent about setting things up as I forgot we were supposed to play. Due to that we decided to just do a smaller 4 point game on a small table, and played the skirmish scenario, so the first person to loose 3 saga dice is the looser.

I had the starter force for the natives so 3 points of warriors, I did it as 2 units of 10 and 1 of 4, and a unit of 12 levy. The Pagan Rus had 2 Hearthguard units and 2 warrior units.

Very simple table with a few buildings and a hill.

First turn I just moved everyone up, keeping units together to avoid getting exhausted by one of the Rus abilities.

The Rus did likewise. On my turn I activated an ability that gives everyone in 1 unit an extra attack until my next turn but doesn't let them use javelins. My plan was to move twice and attack stealing the Rus ability to get more armor. But the Rus played frozen to stop my second activation.

But the Rus didn't have a great attack, they sent in their warlord and a hearthguard unit and only killed 3 guys with the loss of the unit.

On my turn I pulled that unit back and started to pick at the unit of warriors in the village with bow fire killing a couple. My goal was to keep units together until I could make a good attack, or the Rus exposed themselves.

Next turn the Rus used my fatigue to kill a few guys and set up some defenses, so I decided to try more ranged attacks killings a few more and adding in the javelins.

The Rus pulled back their warriors to try and get a good opportunity to use their ability which attacks all units near their warlord. But with the smaller table to many Rus units were in range. So they decided to charge him in alone against the warriors frist and then do that. The warlord choose to use my fatigue to lower my armor, which was a dangerous option as I was then able to do the same bringing the warlord to 4 armor! Because of that I was lucky enough to get the warlord kill and despite loosing a few more warriors kept the unit. But with 3 points lost for the Rus that was the game.

I suspect Serge made a slightly suicidal charge on purpose as time was getting a bit tight and were both playing slower factions, but I'll take it!

Hopefully we will try out some Trojan war Saga next week, I won't have tons painted but will have some at least.


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