Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Battle Report - Bagration Final Turn

Hello Folks,

Time for the last battle report of the Bagration Campaign. For this one I was facing off against Duncan in breakthrough. The battle was for Orsha.

Here is the inital set up and terrain. We both started with a couple of platoons and some mortars, plus I had some rockets.

First few turns are about trying to dig each other out with artillery. I did pretty good with that on turn 1. I tired to run up my pioneers in the crop field. Was hoping I could flank the position aND get am assault, or sneak around.

They took a bit to much fire thou so that plan failed. The Russians deployed an anti'tank gun ambush to try and knock out my rockets but just got a pair of bails and then I blitzed back out of range. Meanwhile the pounding of infantry continued. I lost half of my heavy machine guns.

Pioneers reduced to 1 stand and Russian reserves arrive. You can see I am thinking out the Russian infantry but not fast enough.

I get 2 Tigers from reserve and try to blitz on and kill some IS2S that came in on the far side. But somehow fail the roll. I try to fight them anyway but get no kills and next turn they are destroyed by th IS2s, not good!

Next turn I got my StugGs and decided to try and avoid the IS2s and go for the center. This is turn 6 so the objectives count.

Sadly I forgot to consider that the attacker needs to be within 8" of an objective after that or they loose! So it was a loss for me. Was to slow getting to an objective and had no real way to fight the late IS2s. Probably should have started with the Tigers on the table and pressed harder in the center. But oh well was s fun one.


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