Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Battle Report - Double Feature! Walking Dead and Disposable Heroes

Hello All,

Have 2 reports for you today. Getting a bit behind on these I guess. First up is another zombie game, this past Sunday Duncan hosted me and Stan for a game at his place.

Walking Dead, Prison Troubles:

New set up of terrain for this one, instead of the usual mall we have a very cool prison setting. Basically the yard / entrance and some sells and what not.

I started out at the bottom with my hasslefree guys, Duncan  was way on the r8ght with Rick and Carl, Stan had some guys by the north entrance to the yard.

Start off just moving in fighting some zombies nothing serious. I have a few more visitors at this point but they knocked down a fence which was convineint.

Sadly I was not killing then that efficency and the were building up a bit over time.

Eventually I broke out a bit and got the fireman to the prison door but he is having a hard time getting in.

Also Stans guys start getting close which makes me uncomfortable, so I started shooting them a bit.

This escalates and makes things allot worse hah.

Things going sideways very fast, now we are fighting each other and zombies. The fireman finally got the door open but still has to fight zombies.

Carl and Rick having problems also, Rock is not having much luck with his assault rifle and they are stuck at the gate.

But just as Rick gets it open a bunch of them jump on Carl and gobble him up!

Not long afterm they get Rick!

But then we made our own problems as you can see! All our guys fighting here ended up as zombies! Maybe starting fights is not great.

In the end it was a clear win for the zombies. Only my leader escaped alive through the prison, and he had 0 supplies hah.

Disposable Heroes:

Last Wednesday I hosted a WW2 game with bad Duncan and Serge.  Germans and Russians battling it out to try a new game.

Terrain set up.

Germans advance towards the Russians trying to capture some points.

Shots fired! The Russians fire the first shot and cause some casualties.

After some mgs trading shots a Russian platoon deploys tp try and stop the Germans from taking ground.

But with 2 moves at the end the Russians are able to get the point!

I found the game was ok and has some interesting ideas. But there are a few points I don't like. Will have to g8ve it another shot at some point!


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