Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Painting Update - Osgiliath, Elves, and Uruk-Hai!

Hello All,

Time for the first painting post of 2018! Been busy so I do have a bit of stuff to show. Mostly have been working on terrain, but a few other bits, and starting last weekend I had a mad rush of Uruk-Hai to get ready to seige the Deeping Wall (Helms Deep) tomorrow.

Sadly the app I was using to trim pictures and upload them to google photos is not working anymore. The new one still lets me upload, but is not giving the trimmed versions which is annoying but oh well.

Anyway here is the stuff I have to show:

Elrond and Gil-Galad:

Always best to start the year off with elves. If I am honest I got these guys just because I wanted Elrond, basically working on a White Council collection. But he comes with a pal so why not have a king as well right?

The Three Amigos:

Next on the list some Evil guys, here we have Lurta, Ugluk and Vrasku from left to right. Some special characters to lead the assault.


A big bruiser is of course needed to beat up on the good guys. Ended up picking this kit up on Ebay and it shipped from Russia of all places, hopefully he is not a communist troll!


On to a pair of Evil Ladders! Best used to scale the deeping wall. Have lots more of these to do, but just got 2 painted for now.


If the walls prove to hard to climb, there is always the option of blowing them to bits. Here I have a pair of mines, and a bunch of Uruk-Hai with no special gear so they have a free hand to carry stuff. At this point half of them mines and half ladders! Have the torch guys done previously.


But the main thing I have been working on is getting terrain ready for an Osgiliath game I want to do at Cangames. My brother gave me the Ruined Hamlet set from Warlod for Christmas, so I painted that up. Huge fan of this kit it goes together and paints pretty fast and looks great. I got 2 big houses and 2 small ones which is nice. I put them on some wood tiles I from the art store for 79 cents, and used a couple of green stuff rollers to add some cobble stone and wood flooring effects on the base. They are meant to be old and half rotted away so the floors are not complete, just gives a bit of an idea. Also got a new mat in from Gamemat.eu as seen last week, so moving along well with this.

I have a couple of towers to do, including the dreadstone blight from GW, and ordered a second ruined hamlet and some other bits from warlord. Should be able to make a good showing.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 1 (An infinity guy)
Painted: 23
Total: 22


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