Thursday, 25 January 2018

Battle Report - The Deeping Wall

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are doing the first Helmsdeep scenario from the Two Towers Journey Book. There are 4 or 5 of them. Anyway this one has the Uruk Hai trying to break into the deeping wall.

We done have any rohan guys on foot painted so Serge used wood elves, and built the terrain.

Also I included worm young for fun.

The forces of Isengard win by getting 10 models past the wall, the defenders have to kill half of the attackers to win.

Uruk-Hai lined up ready to attack. I only had 2 ladders painted so stuck with that. But the attacker is meant to start 24"back and thus us about 12 si let's say that cancels out.

Defenders on the wall.

The drummer sounds the advance and the Uruk-Hai surge forward. Just trading arrows shots at this point. I think we hot 1 kill each or there about. Legolas is off his game. But I have a bunch of crossbow guys and they are bound to kill a poncy  elf now and then.

The berserkers with brands to light the bombs settler behind the troll for safety.

Ladders up and bomb in place. But the Elves manage to bring down the first berserker so no boom.

Assault begins in earnest with guys climbing up and getting killed. 1 Uruk falls off the ladder to his death. Galadriel was able to I'm oblige the other berserker so again no boom.

Next turn after getting frustrated the Uruk-Hai resort to kicking the bomb. The third one gets it which vaporizes all three and brings down the wall. Meanwhile the crossbows have been doing a good job of clearing the southern ramparts.

Ugluk made it to the top and fought through niw he us fighting everyone. Looking back thus might gave been s time to reveal wormtounge, but he was busy bothering galadriel.

Sadly Ugluk died and there are problems pushing through the breach.

The drumber and berserker are giving a good try thou.

Sadly eventually half the Uruk-Hai die and the only person inside the walls is wormtounge. He us not quite 10 models so a win for the defender this time!

Next week into the breach. Tge woodleves he the gap but what can aragon do?



  1. Great report Mike! The table looks outstanding, Serge did a great job with the wall!!

  2. Thanks Stan. I am almost finished the other 3 boards.