Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Battle Report - Napelonics - Lasalle

So ended up having Wednesday gaming after all, was time for some Napelonics so we played a game of Lasalle, with my Prussians vs an Austrian Avant Guard army. I am short on troops so I borrowed a few units and we played with the Austrians attacking.

Here's the set up, I had my 2 better units and my Cavalry on the right flank hoping to get a bit of a refused flank thing going on, cannons close to the river and the worse units out on the opposite side.

The Austrians wasted no time coming forward and I advanced a little bit to get some space.

Few exchanges of artillery fire in the center to not much effect, on the right the Austrian Uhlans charged my Infantry Square and I counter charged with my cav and but no decisive result either way.

Not long after that we started to get into musketry range, and got a few more assaults. The Austrian Uhlans avoided my Infantry this time and tried to get rid of my Landwher Cavalry. On the left we started to get some musketry, and the Austrians lined up for a double charge on my Right flank.

My Cav got pushed back but didn't break, then we got assaults all along my lines. I decided to fire with the cannons instead of running hoping to get a few disruptions from the canister fire.

After this I lost units from the assaults all along my lines and my army was mostly destroyed. In the end I lost almost all of my units and never broke any of the Austrian units, although the Cavalry on the Right flank were pretty much spent. It's hard to fight against the big 6 stand units, but was a fun game anyway.

Makes you wish for an updated second version of this great game that just re-balanced things a bit. It probably would work better with a supporting brigade thou.


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