Friday, 14 November 2014

Infinity - Operation Icestorm - Akalis Sikh Commando & ORC Troop

Well finished off the next two guys from my Operation Icestorm set for infinity. The commando is a drop troop so he has a rocket pack type thing, and the ORC troop is a power armored type guy, heavy infantry in this game.

Nothing fancy really, I started a new can of Dullcoat and it seems to have come out a little bit more shiny then usual for some reason but no big deal. Only have the father knight left for the Panoceania side now, I think I will paint him in a blue white color scheme thou so he will look allot different.

Here is a shot of the display tray so you can see how they are all looking together.

Also I have decided that it would be a good idea to add a paint list to these things, mainly for my own use. Sometimes there is a big gap between working on certain projects and I forget the exact colors so this would be a good resource for me to have.

It kind of looks like there is a bit of bare metal shining under the ORC troops arm pit so I will have to look into that...

Colors Used:

Luftwaffe Green
Brown Violet
German Camo Medium Brown
German Camo Beige
Flat Red

Abbadon Black
Dawn Stone
Khorne Red
Stormvermin Fur
Kator Blue

Black Ink (diluted)


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