Saturday, 29 November 2014

Terrain - Ruins of Osgiliath

Well since I have a bit more space now I figured it was time to do some terrain projects. The first I thought I'd do ius to paint a Games Workshop piece that I have had lying around for years, the Ruin's of Osgiliath, intended for their lord of the rings game but I figure it's just a generic stone ruin mostly.

Step one was to paint the runins which turned out to be the easy part, I glued them together then based with black GW spray. I did a dry bursh with Stormvermin Fur which is a dirty grey color, then bane Baneblade Brown, then finally Palid Witch Flesh. On top of that I did a bit of a wash with the lquitex brown one, but used a paper towel to wipe of most of what got on the flat surfaces to keep into the crevasses without getting the tinting effect of the washes. Then finally on a few spots I did a green was to make it look mossy and run down a bit. I may go bakc and add some moss and ivy later but I am done with it for now hah.

The basing ended up being the big challenge, my first plan was to glue it to some Foam Board, and then use white glue to glue on some sand for painting. I used 5min epoxy to glue down the ruins which was fine, but when I glued down the sand it wrapped the base allot.

As you can see the back corner lifted up a good couple of inches so not going to work. I cut of all the foam core to free the ruins which was very messy and a huge pain.

The group suggested MDF, but that is a bit hard for me to buy and cut so I went to Hobby House to see what they had on Tod's suggestion. They sold me a piece of plastic sheet of about the same thickness that they figured would avoid this problem, but suggested roughing it with sand paper first.

I also got a sheet of greenish material people use in train modelling to replace the sand. I glued the sheet to the plastic board with white glue, but it didn't adhere that great and lifted around the corners. I think this was due to my impatience and should have left it over night. But I glued the ruins onto the grass sheet with 5 min epoxy and then used that to glue down the parts that didn't stick on the mat which turned out to be allot and another pain.

After that I used white glue to put sand around the bottoms of the ruins and then painted that to match and blend them in. I also used a coupple of resin pieces form Architects of War to make a little campsite in the ruins.

Here's the final successful piece.

Ended up being way more of a hassel then I would have thought but I learned a fare amount of things to do better next time I guess. Let me know what you all think.


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  1. Looks good Mike...glad it worked out, I'm thinking the plastic might be the way to go in the future...