Thursday, 20 November 2014

DBA Ver 3 - Trial Games

So we got together last night to try a few games of the new version of DBA. I thought I would toss up a few brief battle reports, and give my thoughts on the changes. If the other guys have anything to add I would encourage them to put it in the comments.

The first game was Byzantines vs Asiatic Greeks, but my phones battery was to low to take any pictures. I put it on the charger so it would be ready for the following battles.

Old Saxon vs Byzantines

In the second game I took my Saxons up against the Byzantines, the Saxon army has 11 elements of solid warband, and 1 skirmisher, the Byzantines had a few knights, and few light horse, and a few foot elements. So it would be a race for me to kill the foot before the knights can massacre my warbands.

In this version the defender sets up the terrain as before, but there is a random component so they have less control over it then previously, and there is a chance that the attacker will get to place some pieces. The invader also gets to just choose which edge to attack, althought they must choose to attack along a road if possible.

Another important difference with terrain is that there are 2 types now, bad which slows you down and penalizes many elements in close combat, and rough which just slows movement.

So I set up my block of warbands to attack the enemy foot, and avoid the cavalary as much as I could.

The light hose jumped behind my lines, and our battle lines advanced, the movement is in base widths now and all elements move allot faster, especially light horse.

I wheeled my line to dodge the Knights, and sent my skirmisher over to hold them off. I figured since they can't be overlapped now I might buy a turn or 2.

I did get into a bit of action with the foot, but wasn't all that successful, so the knighst were able to get into my flank pretty quickly.

This lead to lots of dead elements, and the light horse sacked my camp, so lost game.

Old Saxons vs Some kind of Indian

Next game I invaded India, they had 3 elephants, a couple of cavalry, and a few foots elements, so kind of a similar action really, but I now had an enclosed field (rough going) to hide in and slow down the mounted troops allot.

We advanced our lines towards battle.

I sent 1 contingent of warbands to go fight the foot guys, and pulled back my line infront of the elephants, unfortunately the cavalry are flanking the edge of my line sticking out of the field.

Unfortunately the guys fighting the foot pushed them back without doing any casualties and got flanked and destroyed, and the guys on my flank killed a few elements, so another game over.

So I thought the new version of DBA was pretty good, it moves a bit faster with the bigger movement rates which I think is a good thing, and they have re-balanced a few of the match-ups to make them more interesting. For instanced knights now get quick killed by blades if the fight is a tie. The fast vs solid thing is a bit interesting as well, mainly fast move 1 extra base width, but get pushed back by solid foot on a tie. They also make it a bit less fiddly in general, so to me it is an improvement.

Another big change is that some lost elements don't count towards losing the game anymore, mainly hordes and camp followers. But double based elements cost extra for the first loss.

The book also has a way high production value, and it's available for new players to buy if they want. The readability of the rules has been improved allot as well, so it's easier to figure things out, although to be honest we were mostly playing from the quick reference sheet.


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