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Fall In - Part 3 - SAGA Tournament

The last big event I attended at Fall-In was the SAGA tournament. I decided to take my Natives along as per a previous post, I have decided to just call them Beothuks even thou that is maybe not technically correct.

SAGA Tournament
Rules - SAGA
Scale - 28mm
Period - Dark Ages

Game 1:
Vs Vikings
Scenario: Sacred Ground

In game one we played Sacred Ground, the objective of this scenario is to get your troops into the three scenery items in the middle of the board, you then score points for them at the ends of your opponents turns.

Here we are in turn 1 heading right for the sacred ground, I had a third unit of warriors heading for the forest on the left, and my Archers advancing a bit further then everyone else for some reason.

After turn the Vikings had started to get into the terrain and I moved up some of my warriors and tried throwing a few Javelins to wear them down, with limited success.

The next turn the vikings strike back and I lost a unit, in the woods on the left I had used an ability to make my warriors more competent fighters and charged, so only 3 vikings made it through that battle, but sadly none of the Beothuks did. I am really starting to fall behind in points now.

Here we are after the last turn, after taking allot of losses I decided to try and have my Warlord take on the Viking commander. Given that the Beothuks have not much in the way of armor this had a predictable result. So it was a loss for me but I got to kill a few of the Vikings anyway.

Game 2
Vs Irish
Scenario: Warriors of God

This scenario is from the crusades book, but basically the idea is to kill more of the enemy then he can of you.

On turn 1 the Irish moved up, and I did as well planning to do some damage with my archers. Unfortunately the Irish used an ability that prevents one unit from being targeted by a shooting attack and choose their big levy unit in the front, so I had no targets.

The the Irish really turned up the pressure, and assault with a unit of hounds, their Warlord, and soem Irish heroes. My force was really battered by this assault. But I had charged their axe men on the hill with my own unit so I was striking back a bit.

Well with most of my forces dead I decided it was time to go for the cheif again, so I sent my warlord into battle with the Irish warlord, and achieved the same result. So another loss for me, but another fun game, the Beothuk battle board is pretty interesting even if their force is not so great.

Game 3
Vs Scots
Scenario: Clash of the Warlords

Given the way the previous two games have ended you my be thinking that this scenario doesn't sound great for me. Well you would be correct, in this one the 2 warlords are placed in the middle of the table with the forces way back at the edges. Instead of the normal rules each warlord has 12 wounds, to make it last longer, and the victor is the one left standing. It's a bit ambiguous in the event of a tie, the warlord with the most wounds is the winner, now is that the one with the most left or the one that dealt the most to his opponent? We decided this gamey argument is most likely what caused the warlords clash in the first place and got on with it.

Here we are all set up for battle, with the warlords in range of each other so if activated they would have to attack each other. At this point I discovered an ability called 'Totem Warrior' that makes my warlord much harder to kill, and much more effective in combat. So I made it my goal to keep this on for the whole game. Probably would have helped me in the previous games! But no use crying over spilled warlords.

The Scots brought up some troops to help and charged my warlord along with the Scots Cheif. With my new found prowess my Warlord drove both back and killed a few of the warriors, then I my turn I advanced my troops and kept up Totem Warrior.

Next turn the Scots tried a more directed assault, and achieved a bit more success, putting 4 wounds on my Warlord, but taking a few more losses as well.

On my turn I brought up some warriors to put between the Warlords and cut off the Scotish assaults and let them have a few Javelins.

The Scots started to withdraw at this point as they were winning so why not, but I pressed forward and shot a few more javelins out.

The Scots counter attacked from their building and killed a bunch of my warriors, then went back into cover.

Finally I used an ability to put my losses back on the table on the Scottish side and assaulted the house with the warriors and warlord. I was able to kill off the warriors with mine, by using the ability to make them better fighters again, and then charged in with my Warlord to get some revenge on the Scottish warlord. But it's hard to do damage with them in hard cover so I never got any wounds. The game ended as a loss for me with my warlord having more wounds taken off, but I had killed allot more Scots so I at least achieved something. Really enjoyed this game it was my favorite of the con.

The Beothuk invasion of England had not gone well. The last game was set to be a Feast for Crows game between the top 4, but of the eight of us 4 quit, so I was able to get a place at the table despite being in probably last place. Most people wanted to play a 6 point game and I only had 4 of the Beothuks so I switched over to Normans at this point.

Game 4
vs Welsh, Scots, and Saracens (Oh My!)
Scenario: Feast for Crows

Here we have the set up for the feast for crows battle, Dave in the top left with Welsh, Rob with Scots top right, Darren's Saracens bottom right, and my Normans Bottom Left. The idea of this one is basically carnage, whoever kills the most stuff is the victor. I decided to go with mostly knights to get in and kill stuff, with some archers and cross bows for back up. In this picture I have already charged in with 6 knights and had 4 die, along with 2 Saracens, so not a stellar start.

Well having promptly gotten a bunch of knights killed I decided to try some missile weapons, and sent a few remaining knights to go fight some welsh. Hopefully they die easier. In the background you can see Dave's Welsh starting to put the screws to the Scots, he came over from the UK for the con, and came for blood it would seem.

Sadly the Saracens got the drop on me and made quick work of the crossbow guys, and their archers got a few of mine. In the mid ground you can see the welsh have decided 4 knights is to many for me to have their, and in the back ground the welsh are cleaning up most of the Scots.

On my turn I decided to show Darren's Saracens who's boss, so I cleaned out the rest of his warriors with my knights, and then had my warlord go in for a great charge against his warlord. This was the last turn and I went last this would be the last epic combat of the tournament. We both rolled good hits and poor saves so the two commander killed each other! Hah.

This brought me up to third place and left Darren in second, Dave had killed so much stuff there was no catching up to him, he had something like twice as many points as anyone else. So best not to mock the Welsh.

I was given third choice of the prizes and managed to get myself a unit of cross bows armed Normans, so not a bad showing after all.

Really enjoyed this game as well, a big multi-player game is a fun way to end a not so serious tournament, and a big duel between warlords is a gear way to end that. I managed to get mine killed in every game tho but these guys aren't Henry Tudor so they don't lead 1 mile to the rear.


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