Saturday, 1 November 2014

SAGA - Native Peoples

So all moved into my new place and finally got my painting desk and ect.. set up so was able to get some more painting done. I decided to paint a few more of my proto-beothucks (the 'beaches' culture of Newfoundland). The book refers to them as Skraelings but some people think that is a derogative term so good to avoid it I guess. Anyway I wanted to expand on what I had done for cangames a bit up to the minimum force required for SAGA so I could use them in the tournament at Fall-In, so I just had to paint the last 6 from the set. I have some more with bow but not really the time to paint them.

There's the six new ones ready to murder some Vikings.

And here is a shot of the full army. Quite allot of them as these guys don't have any Hearthguard, I don't imagine they will do very well in the tournament but should be fun none the less.

They were a limited release from Gripping Beast so haven't really been available for awhile, but there is a new company in the states that are selling some that look very similar if not the same so I may have to get a few of them. At least another of the commander type guy.


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