Monday, 7 December 2015

Painting - Dungeon Saga - Orcs & Trolls


Seems like it is taking me a bit longer then I had hoped to get through the painting of the first Dungeon Saga expansion. Orcs take a bit longer to paint then undead I guess. But still making good progress, only the warlord and the 2 orcling bases are left so the end is in sight.

First up here are my Orcs:

Two great axe, 2 moar axe, and 2 archers. They re pretty cool I think, not sure if light leather was the best way to go for the tunic, but they look better in real life I would say. The eye were even harder to paint than for humans as it's really suken in behind a brow ridge.

Alive Trolls!:

The base game had some undead trolls, but now we can add some live ones into the mix. Seems oddly like they are set up to fight stuff allot bigger then them which seems odd as they are so big. But the armor is mostly on top and the weapons are huge. Not sure what that leg bone is from! These guys were fun to paint but it kind of took awhile...

So ya just the Orc commander and 2 bases of tiny orcs left to paint for this expansion so shouldn't have to much trouble to get that done this week. I also want to paint a couple of sets of 10 15mm WW2 guys. I have some Panzergrenadiers and a half track ready to start. But 10 15s should be super fast also.

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