Thursday, 23 June 2016

Battle Report - Saga Trojan Campaign - Game 4

So had another Wednesday war gaming, this time continuing on with the Trojan War campaign. Might as well squeeze in as many games as possible since we went through the trouble of painting all these armies!

Agamemnon is at 36 renown to start which means it is time to end the story. I decided to go for the blood option instead of retirement. So I need my Warlord to die heroically in the mission or else my epic is not written down, if I do I get to start over at 11 Renown.

We rolled for a mission and ended up with Darn Attack from Crescent and Cross, which turned out to be pretty interesting actually.

I had 1 hearthguard sitting out the battle injured, and I think Paris had 2 warriors out.

So we sent up the terrain using the system in Crescent and Cross and got going. This scenario has the units hidden under tokens until you reveal them or they get revealed which is interesting. I had my warlord and a big unit of warriros on the right by the houses, and hearthguard a big unit of of warriros with javelins, and a small unit of javelins on the left. My plan was to get some action with my warlord and his unit, and keep everyone else out of the fight to prevent the Trojans from getting vps or renown from killing units!

Then I revealed my units and moved up to reveal the 3 Trojan counters. I had my dice set for a big attack but I messed up as was short an activation, so I just tossed some javelins and killed a chariot guy. The Trojans of course attacked on their turn anyway so no big deal. First the chariots and Paris charged in. I used a Saga ability to kill 3 guys and get a bunch of extra attacks, and another to re-roll missed hits. I decided to throw 3 attack dice again Paris, and got extremely lucky. all 3 charioteers died, and I got 2 hits on Paris without any 1s and he failed both causing him to die as well! Of to a good start. Allot of my warriors were dead but that is ok.

Next the big unit of 8 hearthguard charged Agamemnon. I had set up Hercules so again I got double dice and reroll misses. This resulted in 4 dead hearthguard, and also a dead Agamemnon. So mission accomplished.

The angry Trojans then cleaned up the last few warriors.

That great bit of luck put me ahead on points I think so I decided to fall back with my units. The Trojans were moving in close so I decided to send my smaller unit of bow warriors, hoping to trade units basically.

I did the usual method of sacrificing guys for extra attacks and re-rolling hits, but annoyingly the Trojans passed allot of defense rolls and most of my guys died. This meant I would have to play the game again crap.

So I made a pretty basic attack with the hearthguard and got some decent luck again and killed all but 2 of those warriors. At this point both sides had very few Saga dice left so that was pretty much the end, but it was basically the last turn anyway.

In the final tally for victory points I ended up ahead by 2 I think it was 21-19. You need to win by 3 for a victory in this scenario so we had a draw. They way the points work is every unit is worth 4 points and warlords are worth 3, special warlords like we have are worth 7! Considering that my warlord had to die the only way for me to have a chance was to also kill Paris, and it was really dumb luck that he died I didn't expect that or realize how much it mattered until after.

Campaign wise Agamemnon has died heroically and had his epic written down, so I get to start a new warband at 11 renown for the next campaign day. I think I will go with his brother Menelaus since Agamenons son was very young apparently but not sure. Paris gained 4 renown and is now at 34, so 2 away from being able to complete an epic.


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