Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Painting - Greeks

Hello All,

So I have had a chance to get a bunch more Greeks painted up. I still have an alternate warlord to finish, and maybe a bit more stuff but maybe not. Anyway here is a look at the stuff I have got completed in the last couple of weeks.

First up is a second unit of hearthguard. This time one of them has a horn because I thought it seemed cool. Also I switched to painting their shirts red and decided that it looks better that way. Some of the decals are a bit messed up on these guys, it is hard to get them to lie perfectly flat on the doomed surface. But I started to put more effort into them after this being more careful pressing them down and using some softener to try and melt them down.

I also finished up a second unit of warriors with spears. This time in more of a stabbing people pose. I am quite fond of the ship decal!

And I thought I would take a quick group shot as well since technically this is everything I need for a full army in our campaign. This was a last minuet idea so I didn't bother to take them off the box and set them up. At this point I have roughly half of the Victrix box of hoplites done, there is quite allot of guys in there! But I am kind of in a groove of painting these guys so I am tempted to keep going. I think this would make a good candidate for a game with the GW Lord of the Rings rules, and could be fun to get some mythlogical monsters as well. But I have other stuff to work on as well so we shall see.

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  1. Great job on the painting Mike...the basing looks really awesome.

  2. Thanks! The basing is sand painted with the 3 colors from the Baccus basing kit, and then 2 kinds of flock a green like sawdust type one, and then some of the static grass kind. works pretty good.

  3. Wonderful job Mike, from the bases to the helmets, they look superb!