Monday, 20 June 2016

Battle Report - Trojan War Campaign - Game 3

So we had the second day of our Trojan war campaign last Friday, only got to fit in one game due to the crappiness of the Friday slot which I wasn't very happy about. But anyway here is a breif report on that game!

Unfortunately I was a bit late remembering to take pictures. I was set to play against Serge so we had a great battle between Paris and Agememnon. We ended up playing the Escalation scenario which is one of the campaign ones. Basically you start off with 3 point of units on the table and the rest are in reserve and you can roll to see if you get a unit at the end of your turn. We also had some interference from the Gods as Zeus was occasionally raining down lightning bolts. They affected both sides evenly so I suppose it was just an off day for him. The goal of this mission is to kill the other guys Warlord, or at least kill more of his guys.

For my 3 points I went with 2 units of 12 Warriors with commanders as per my hero special powers, and Paris had a big unit of 12 Hearthguard.

The Trojans brought up that big unit of Hearthguard to fight me very early, using a divine intervention to have to fatigue. But I used my own divine intervention to re-roll missed hits and did some good damage and only lots half a unit.

On my turn I counter charged with my unit of Javelin guys and more or less traded them for the rest of those Hearthguard. We both had gotten most of our reserves now so was time for a second round of fighting.

In this picture you can see my remaining units, 6 hearthguard and 6 warriors, I also had a small unit of 4 warriors I put way over on the right side where they wouldn't die. Thinking small units are vulnerable and not that useful.

The Trojans got a small unit of warriors in from reserve, so they now had 1 of 4 1 of 12 and 12 levy. I sent up my 6 warriors to charge hoping I could kill the 4 warriors and get a fatigue on the big warriors. But annoyingly one survived the onslaught.

Of course my 6 were quickly dispatched by the 12, that is only numbers. So next turn I sent in the hearthguard against that big unit of warriors. Again they killed all but one! Gah and the remaining couple I had were killed by Paris.

At this point we both had our warlords left, and I had 4 warriors and the Trojans had 2 warriors and 12 levy. I figured we must be very close on points so better get a few more. Experience tells me it's not a super great idea to fight Paris. So Agamemnon decided it was time to beat up on some peasants. I figured this was the least risk to him killed since they have so few attacks. So I moved up threw some javelins using a saga ability and then made a good charge in. This got rid of about half of them. Netting me 2 points.

At the finally tally it was 21 Points for the Greeks, and 20 points for the Trojans so I was up by 1! The mission didn't have clear victory conditions so this was considered to be a minor victory. Although really it should have been a draw probably.

With all the renown gained Agamemnon is now at 36. So I can either retire and drink wine, or die a heroic death in the next game and become a legend. So we all now how that is going.


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