Thursday, 2 June 2016

Battle Report - Trojan War SAGA

So on Wednesday we decided to play a game of Saga and try out the rules which are to be sued for the Trojan war campaign at the club. I only had 1 unit painted so I added in some units from other forces to get the numbers. Very tough to do all the painting in such a short window after cangames!

Anyway I had Agamemnon and the Greeks, and Serge had Paris and the Trojans. We rolled and ended up with the challenge, which is the one where you are trying to do 12 wounds to each others warlords. I was not super enthusiastic about this as I thought I would be at a bit of a disadvantage, but never mind.

Here we are ready to get down to business Greeks on the left Trojans on the Right. Paris is in the chariot and Agamemnon is behind the ruins.

I moved up all my guys and fired of a few bow shots at Paris but no effect, the Trojans spent their turn 1 moving up as well.

On the next turn I had some good dice rolls so I decided to make an attack against Paris while his support was far away, sadly this meant sending in archers but that is ok. I used the Kelos ability to sacraface 3 models for extra attacks and Prometheus to re-roll failed his so my warriors had a whopping 26 attacks re-rolling and another 5 for my warlord. This turned out to be not such an amazing idea against Paris (with Gunnars rules), as he cancels hits on 4 in melee, and every 1 gives him 2! extra defense dice. So re-rolling is not necessarily helpful, this capped him on defense dice with double the number of hits I caused and in the end I only did one wound and my big warrior unit was severely depleted. At this point I knew I was in trouble hah. The Trojans moved up with the chariots unit and crushed the rest of my warriors.

I moved in with my javelin armed warriors and killed 1 chariot, and then got the next in an assault, but I am now getting lower on numbers, and there are still quite allot of rojan troops around.

By now my warlord has 2 wounds on him so I am starting to loose. The Trojans are closing the noose on the rest of my warriors.

They eventually get wiped out, leaving things a bit open.

I sent in my elite hearthguard and managed to get most of the Trojan warriors, but they still have a worryingly big hearthguard unit of there own there.

On the ensuing turn the Trojans are able to finish off most of my troops, and the polish off my Warlord for the win.

We rolled to see what the campaign effects would be, I had allot of guys not showing up for the next round. Paris gained something like 12 renown, and I got 0, -1 for warlord dieing and +1 for killing a unit.


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