Friday, 17 June 2016

Painting - Greeks and By Fire and Sword

So time for another painting update I guess. No battle report this week as Serge wasn't able to make it and I was to lazy to try and find a replacement! But I have been pretty busy painting away so no matter.

Greek Warlord, AKA Agememnon:

This is a metal guy from Warlord, I decided that I needed someone that looked a bit more different from the plastic ones, which don't really have that many options to customize. So there we go now have a commander.

Greek Warriors:

I also got a unit of Greek Warriors done to re-enforce things. Only one unit away from what is needed for the campaign now hah. These Victrix are starting to gow on me a bit I must admit. It is really the big round shields and LBMS transfers that make them look cool. Also the more of them you get together the better they look. I think this is because they are intended for ranked up armies not as individuals.

Due to the curvature at edge of the shields it is really hard to keep the transfers neat and flat to the shields. I don't really have an answer for that, but they look fine from a distance.

Imperial Pikemen:

In addition to the Pikemen I also got a few bases done for me By Fire and Sword Holy Romans. Working on the out opst defense force now which is a defensive skirmish force with mostly musketeers, but also pikemen. So here are these guys, they look quite nice with all the pikes when you get them together.

Imperial Musketeers:

Also completed a few bases of guys with guns.

This is coming from the Imperial Infantry Regiment box, so that is all of the Pikemen, and I think a quarter of the infantry with guns. This will give me access to pretty much the full Skirmish force, minus a couple of regimental guns which I have to get.

So there is where I am at with painting this week be sure to let me know what you think. We have another campaign day at the club for the Trojan war this evening so should be some battle reports over the weekend.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 199 (Greek Commanders, and more Greek archers (accidental purchase, Opps!))
Painted: 224 
Total: +18