Saturday, 4 June 2016

Painting - Greeks - Trojan War Campaign

Well very busy day painting today but managed to get some more units painted up for the Trojan War campaign which is starting tomorrow!

First a bunch of Archers, plastic models from Victrix. I am not very enthusiastic about these models, but they work and there done! Best part aboput the plastic archers is that you don't have to buy a giant box of 48 you just get a bag of 12 very much better for Saga.

I also manage to get one unit of Hearthguard completed. I am not super keen on these models either, again Victrix plastics. But I do like the big round shields with transfers from LBMS. The gian face ones I am particularly keen on.

So that is where I am at for now, including my Javelin guys this is 3 points of warriors, and 1 of Hearthruard, so 4 out of 6 points minus a warlord. I ordered a nice metal model after I decided I didn't like the plastics so hopefully that will be here before the next day.

i plan to take some pictures of the games and do some reports but sometimes I am lazy at club days so we shall see.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 185 
Painted: 203 (Wow passed 200!)
Total: +18


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