Monday, 6 June 2016

Battle Report - Saga Trojan Campaign

So this past Sunday we got started on the Trojan Saga campaign. Basically you have to win games to get more renown to try and become a great hero. You get different bonuses for having more renown points as things go on. My hero is Agamemnon (using the Athelstan characteristics)  , but the hero powers weren't in play for the first game.

Game 1: Vs Jeff (Aeneas)

We rolled for a mission using the campaign table and got Clash of Warlords, we played a 4 point game as that is how many points Jeff had. Since we are not using the hero powers my warriors javelins and bows don't count so they are just normal guys.

Here we are just after deployment, I went for 3 units of warriors and 1 of Hearthguard, with my hero in the middle behind the woods. The Trojans had 2 points of warriors and 2 of Hearthguard with the hero by the river. My plan is to advance to my left around the woods and kill off his troops to expose the Warlord and then kill him.

Well it seems like something bad happened here, but I can't remember what. My unit is down to only 1 warrior thou, and it looks like only one Trojan is missing, so that is not good! Seems that I am a bit fuzzy on this game.

After this the Trojan moved around to reorganize a bit to attack, but ended up leaving a warlord outside of the 2" bubble where he could have people take wounds for him. So I decided to make an all out attack with some warriors and got the perfect Saga dice to do that. I moved them up twice to attack and was able to get rid of the fatigue with an ability, plus re-roll my attacks, and sacrifice 2 guys to double my attacks! This ended up with a dead Warlord so the scenario was a victory for me.

After a good loot roll I had 12 renown, and only 1 or 2 guys was wounded for the next game.

Game 2: Vs Brian (Hector)

For game 2 I was facing off against Hector, this time we got Parle gone Wrong as the scenario, which is  a pretty standard skirmish really. This time hero abilities were in play, so I had a big unit of warriors with javelins and another with bows, both with Hearthguard commanders, and then unit of 8 warriors, and 6 Hearthguard. I think the missing guy was from the Javelin warriors. After deployment you can swap 2 units of the other guys side, Hector switched my Hearthguard and javelin warriors, and I didn't bother. I now had some Divine Interventions due my renown so I assigned them to my big units. Turns out I also had 2 more from victories but forgot about that. But maybe it is better not to use to many in one game so they don't all get lost anyway.

This time my plan is to harass with shooting attacks and then charge in when I have an advantage, but really just kill everyone.

For turn 1 I just advanced everyone, and the Trojan did likewise.

On the second turn I advanced my bows and took some shoots in the enemies Hearth guard, but no effect, I then used my small warrior unit to screen my javelin guys from bow fire. The Trojans then brought in the Hearthguard behind the wood to fight me bow warriros, but I used my divine intervention to re-roll attack dice and killed them all for the loss of like 6 warriors. The other 4 in that area moved into the woods. On the other flank the Trojan archers tried to fire, but I had a Saga ability to turn their shooting into a movement, so they advanced the archers slightly.

On my turn I sent my unit of 6 Hearthguard into the forest to kill the Trojans in there, and we traded 4 for 4 leaving me with 2. I then sent in my small unit of warriors against the levy archers and killed most of them. Finally I through some javelins and the small unit of Hearthguard on the far right but no effect, wasn't a lucky day for shooting. The Trojans countered by attacking the 2 remaining Hearthguard int he woods with Hector but he only killed 1! Meanwhile it seems thier unit of 6 Hearthguard got up to some badness and killed the rest of my small unit.

For my turn I just attacked whatever was left of those 6 hearthguards with my javelins and used thier divine intervention to get all 6, but it was costly due to the low armor of the missile troops. Might be better off without that I dunno but it is fun to shoot. At this point the Trojans were getting really low on Saga dice so they had trouble powering abilities. I think Hector tried to kill my Hearthguard again but failed.

For my turn I moved up my bow warriors to start getting in range to attack Hector, and a combined attack with my Warlord and the rest of the Javelin guys killed the remaining unit of Trojan Warriors. Hector then killed my last Hearthguard in the woods finally!

To finish things off I now moved my hero along with the remaining Javelin guys to attack Hector, needed them all just to be safe. I ended up loosing all my warriors so that is a lost divine intervention, but Hector was down. Brian rolled a one for him and he got a leg wound, so he can now only move short unless he keeps riding his chariot (I am surprised chariots are so popular for heros I guess they just look cool or something).

After all that I ended up at 28 renown after another good loot roll, so lots of extra powers now and a base. A few more wounded guys as well but no big deal now due to extra troops from being so famous!

You get a little bit of a story type thing for renown so here is where I am on the table now.

0-5 Who are you boy?
6-10 Mmmm I know that name from somewhere.
11-15 I knew him when he was a little…
16-20 Arggghhh (insert name) is coming!
21-25 Get a mention in one verse
26-30 Opening Epic book (not everyone is listening yet).

 When you get to 36 points your story ends either in retirement, heroic death, or shame. Then you start over basically so another win or 2 could do it!


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