Monday, 18 July 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave

Hello Folks,

Time for another battle report! This time Mr. Stan came over for a game and we decided to play some Frostgrave. I set up the table as you see while he worked on his Wizards homework. My original idea was to use the dungeon saga tiles to set up an underground crypt and try out some of the breeding ground stuff, but I forgot about that until after I already had this done, so oh well. We went for the mausoleum where you have to enter 6 huts and maybe fight a ghost to get treasure, and choose 6 of the straw roofed buildings, and the center most crypt. But fighting ghosts is boring so instead we made the monster guaranteed and picked a list of 6 cool bad guys and rolled to see which one. This included some crazy stuff like a werewolf and even a wraith knight!

So it was my Illusionist and his buddies up against a Necromancer and his cronies, or maybe it was us against the monsters!

Turn one we just advanced to start getting into position, I had some archers and an apprentice up on the platform, and a few thieves and what not spread out down below.

Here is the end of turn 1, archers up to the edge to fire arrows, most other guys hiding.

Next turn we started fighting a bit, the Necromancer moved into the open a bit so I had my wardog bowser charge in and take a chunk out, ending up doing like 9 damage making Mr. Necro think twice about sticking his neck out. My Apprentice pushed back a treasure hunter that would have murdered my poor pup back out of range.

A big bad wolf charged out to engage my Infantryman and stop him from collecting treasure, he murdered my theif that was there, but died to the infantryman who was left wounded. This is around about the time we started picking up treasures and things started to go wrong. There werewolf is just to the right of the forest and has started to kill, there is a wraith knight somewhere fighting a zombie, and my treasure turned into a mimic chest (used ice toad stats) and ate my other theif!

Now we are mostly fighting monsters really. I used my apothecary to bait the mimic into the open last turn, so this turn killed him with arrows and took the loot. The Wraithknight is somehow continuing to fail to kill a zombie, but the were wolf is just killing everyone he fights! Mean time I am still killing all the Necro guys I can for spite based reasons! At one points we thought a guy had killed the werewolf, but then realized he was wounded and at -2, so instead the were wolf ate him hah.

This turn I was able to finish off the werewolf with arrows, since he had a 20GC bounty. Mostly we then started to limp away with the treasures. My mage tried one last shot with bone dart to prevent a treasure hunter from getting off the board but failed.

I went for a third treasure, risking the yeti since only he and a zombie as left, but got the zombie and shot him. In the end I got 3 treasures, and the Necromancer got 2. No soldiers died, but my apprentice who went down trying to cast an imp to annoy the Necromancer got a smashed leg!

We rolled on the Litch treasure table, felt like we had earned it after that! Got some interesting stuff like a 2 handed weapon that knocks people back 3", and a set of amulets that lets a wizard use a soldiers los to cast once a game, that seems neat. The Necro got a rose and a bottle that has a wraithknight in it! That seems crazy dangerous.



  1. That was a fun game Mike...definitely felt like us against the monsters...and some sass thrown in for good measure.

  2. Yes good times. Learned a lesson about pissing off werewolves for sure.

  3. Spectacular, immersive and splendid table...What a beautiful game!