Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Painting - Hasslefree Stuff

Hello All,

Towards the end of last week I got a few miniatures I picked up for Hasslefree during their Brexit sale. Been looking at their stuff for awhile so this was finally a good opportunity to pull the trigger. They have some really nice stuff, mainly the newer stuff I guess. Anyway I picked up some guys for Frostgrave.

Normally I would probably wait until I had a bit more done but this is all of these guys and I think they are pretty cool so here they are.


First up a new wizard.

Dynamic Lenore:

And an apprentice.


A Templar, I thought the face came out really well on this one for whatever reason.


Lastly there is this half ogre guy, call him a treasure hunter?

So there you have it a few new models for Frostgrave. I was excited to paint these so actually got everything I ordered done pretty quick, plus some Frostgrave is coming up so good to have some freshly painted stuff!

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 239 
Painted: 259
Total: +20

Forgot to add the pledge status so had to do an update.



  1. Very nice work. The orb on Amalthea's staff is particularly good.

  2. Outstanding painting Mike...I really love the Hasslefree stuff, he has amazing detail and great character pieces.

    Nicely done Mike!!

  3. I agree he does great stuff! Somehow I find they are always posting cool models on facebook but when I go to the webpage there is not as much stuff I want it is odd.

  4. Those look really good! The Hasslefree figures are really good.

    I am hoping to have some new stuff painted up for the Frostgrave game

  5. Me to I want to get the soothsayer from the Gnick starter done. Also want to get the solider cards for these 4 guys and another wizard sheet done and laminated. But I am a bit lazy about that it seems so there is a struggle hah. Actually have a pretty good build up of heroes now, probably should do some more monsters and scatter terrain but oh well.