Monday, 4 July 2016

Trojan War Campaign - Final Day

So on Sunday we had the last day of the Trojan war campaign at the club, had a pretty good turn out of 7 people despite the long weekend.

Game 1:

For the first round I had to face off against Nestor and the GReeks to bring them back in line. We played sacred ground with no interference from the Gods. 

For my first turn I moved up towards the terrain as fast as possible, it's really important to get in their soon so you don't get behind on points.

The Greeks followed suit and by turn 2 we both had some guys in the zones to start collecting points. You get victory points at the end of your opponents turns for having people in there.

By turn 3 we had all kinds of troops in there and fights were starting to happen. I sent my hearth guards and warlord against the enemy hearth guards in the middle and killed them to a man.

Nestor's troops retaliated by pushing me back out of the hill on the right, but in return I was able to kill his guys on the left. SO I was starting to rack up more points per turn now.

Nestor's Warriors tried to assault my hill in the center, but they were unable to take it. This pretty much sealed the deal for me.

A fairly strong victory for me, but not quite enough for a major victory, I think we didn't realize there were modifications to it in the campaign document until after. But oh well. I had a pair single hearth guard out wounded but no big deal.

Game 2, Seige of Troy:

To round off the campaign we decided to have a big multiplayer game based in Troy, or as near as we could toss it together with what was at hand. We had an uneven number of players 4 Greeks and only 3 Trojans, but we went for the Homeland scenario hoping that would balance out a bit. The idea here is that we have to capture every building by killing the Trojans inside, if there is even a single one left at the end we would loose.

As you can see we have lots of guys spread all around. Greeks on the left side. From the bottom up we have Menelaus, Nestor, Ajax and Achilles. I forgot who the Trojans were, but none of their big heroes showed up to defend the city!

We got to work with brutal efficiency, at the point we all had the hang of killing Trojans. The Greek side had won more battles throughout the campaign so we had allot more powers from divine interventions to through around. This makes you allot more killy for a single fight so things happen faster then normal.

I wiped out the Lykians in the open and headed for the temple, while Nestor retook the Trojan Horse. The Amazons round around in the center and tried to kill people, but had not a ton of success. Up by the main city Ajax and Achilles were causing allot of trouble. They both died before then end, but their troops were able to mop up those buildings.

Before long every Trojan was killed, leaving us the city to burn. 

So there we have the end of the Trojan War campaign. Allot of fun, if not super balanced all the time. Good times had by all thou.

The next campaign is a WW2 desert event, but I will be looking forward to more Saga.


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