Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Painting - By Fire and Sword + 1 last Greek

So got a bit of painting completed over the long weekend, finishing off my Imperial Infantry Regiment, and a quick shot of the new Greek warlord I had painting for the last Trojan War day. Not sure what will be the next big project but I started working on one of the Northstar Ronin sets I had, so that will be done soon hopefully.

Greek Warlord:

So there is the last of the Greeks for me, at least for awhile. He is the other half of my Warlord commanders pack, with a spear from the Victrix box and an LBMS decal.

Imperial Infantry:

Then I have the infantry, been working on these for a few weeks actually since there was quite allot of bases of muskets, so I was doing them in batches of 4 stands so it wasn't so tedious. Here is a shot of the new arrivals.

I had thought the banners were just printed on paper, but Serge pointed out that they are actually stickers! so that flag was allot easier then the previous ones! Here is a shot of them mixed in with the previous ones to get a look at the full set.

Quite a nice set if you ask me, it is not really accurate for them to be so uniform. But I find it looks good and it makes them easier to paint and play with sometimes. So that is how I did it. Holy Romans are Imperial yellow, and Swedes will be blue!

The set has all the spears as brass and comes with nice bases flags which is great. The models are well sculpted, but the casting could use improvement. Some of the guys may have messed up feet or faces stuff like that.

This is pretty much a full list for the Outpost Skirmish force I think it is called. You can also have a few small cannons I think three. I ordered some from Wayland games but they are taking forecer to even ship, but that is what I have come to expect from Wait-land so fair enough. Was a fair bit cheaper then the US By Fire and Sword store.

We have a Renaissance day coming up at the club in August so I probably will try and get another skirmish force ready for that.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 199
Painted: 250 
Total: +51