Thursday, 21 July 2016

Painting - Samurai - Bandits

Well no Wednesday wargaming this week due to summer vacations and such, but I got a bit of painting done so we can have that for an update. Have been working on the next North Star Ronin set, this time it is the Bandits. Which means that only the Bushi (Samurai) set is left!

I was to lazy to change the mat I had set up, so in the winter this time it seems.


First a pair of peasants with farm tools. There job is mostly to get killed I guess?


Angry Bandits, some with spears and a bow and a gun.


A couple of more important guys to boss the lower ones around, another gun and a big naginata. The guy on the right is described on the box as being naginata with medimum armor, same as the guy on the right, which seems like a bit of a stretch!


And finally the Bandit Leader on the left, and a Ronin on the right. These guys must be very successful Bandits as they are quite well dressed!

Very pleased with how these guys turned out, especially the last to. The black and yellow is pretty cool if you ask me.

Had a good time painting this set, don't have any upcoming games planned or anything just because I felt like it. Only have the Bushi set left now, but that one may have to wait a bit. I think I am going to paint a couple of Gnolls for frost grave while I am waiting for some decals to do their mon.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 235 (Nickstarter Gnolls)
Painted: 255
Total: +20

Forgot to add the pledge status so had to do an update.