Thursday, 14 July 2016

Battle Report - SAGA - Trojan War

Hello Folks,

So time for another battle report. Playing some Saga again with our Greek stuff, one last time for awhile I guess. But since the campaign is over we decided to swap out the fan battle boards and try some different ones. I went for the Anglo-Danes board, wanted to try something different and haven't used that one much if at all, and the Trojans went for the Vikings, with Harald and the Varangian Guard.

We played Clash of the Warlords, so first warlord to die is the loser. We were playing on a 4' tables so extended the deployment zones to 18" to keep things 12" apart.

Here is the inital set up, Harald and the Varangians in the middle with 2 units of warriors way out on the flanks, and I had a big mass of guys. I keep my front units, except the warlord due to no choice, back an inch or 2 from the line so it would take 3 moves for the Varangians to fight me. They along with Harald charged straight in for my warlord, and nearly killed him, 12 hearth guard get allot of dice, I had 4 or 5 guys in range to take hits and 3 of them had to die. Then they killed off a unit of my hearthguard, so not a great start.

Not real keen to fight the Guard due to their high armor, so I decided to try and get allot of fatigues on them to get them exhausted, and then use the exhaustion ability to kill them off 2 by 2. I had to sacrifice another unit of hearthguard, but got them to 5 fatigues and used one for exhaustion leaving them with 2. Sadly the Vikings have some real good options for removing fatigues so were able to get them back down to 2 on their turn and pressed the attack again.

This time they went for my warriors and I got a bit lucky and killed 4, not quite loosing all my guys. Harald then tried to take out my Warlord alone, he was a bit stuck being out of range for the hearth guard to take hits, but within 6 of my guy so he had to charge so this was the best option. But we got a draw so he had to fall back 4" leaving him open. This gave me a change to strike with my other group of warriors, and I got 7 hits out of 9, which turned out to be just enough to kill him after saves.

So very nearly a loss for me but managed to turn it around with a bout of unreasonable luck!

Trying out different battle boards and trying to find the best combos of abilities is the best part of Saga, so I quite enjoyed this one. Dungeon Saga again next week end.


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