Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Painting - Koryu Buntai (Fencing School)

Hell Folks,

Time to update on another painting project. With the Greeks finished, for now at least, I decided to do some Samurai in 28 because why not. Going through my box of unpainted Samurai stuff I found some of the boxes North Star did for Ronin. I ended up getting all of thse since they are quite nice, but only finished the Monks so that seemed like a good thing to do. Also I had just gotten the new Painting War magazine on painting Samurai, so good for inspiration.


Master & Senior Initiates:

Full Groups:

So there you have it a bunch of unarmored Samurai types. Some of these models I think are quite, others I am not super keen on. In particular I'm not crazy about the master, he is the red guy look downwards a bit, and just doesn't fit in some how. But overall they are cool, and I am happy with how they turned out. These Northstar boxes with 9-10 guys are a good set as it gives you a few guys to paint but not enough to get annoyed with. I wish they would support them with a few extra packs so you could mix in some options.

Well let me know what you think of this lot.

At this point I really should do some more By Fire and Sword stuff, or paint some WW1 stuff. But instead I am going to continue on this and do the Bandit Buntai, gotta strike while the iron is hot!

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