Thursday, 10 November 2016

Battle Report - Bolt Action Second Edition

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday battle report. This time we decided to give the new version of Bolt Action a try. Serge has just finished painting a German army and I got the new book at Fall In so might as well give it a shot right?

I have an American Paratrooper Platoon with a few attachments and a Sherman, to go up against a bunch of Germans with all kinds of stuff.

I forgot to take pictures of the first turn, but in this mission everyone starts off the board and they mostly just walk on. So everyone just ends up as you see with not much action. The goal of this scenario is simply destruction. My artillery guy called in a bombardment but it did basically nothing.

Turn 2 everyone just continues to creep forward as you see. Takings cover where possible. My tank had fired on the anti-tank gun and got a kill so they were hunkering down which more teams advanced into the central wood to flak. I moved my big platoon on the right into some woods, and on the left they came forward to protect my small teams. My goal for this game is to kill as many of the small German teams as possible.

Next round the battle continues to develop. My mortar got a lucky hit on the German rocket battery killing most of them. Then lots of German things shot at my tank which was bad. That thing is about a quater of my point and doesn't do much other then look cool I guess.

Here is the last picture I have, my tank is blown up of course. The big platoon of German infantry assaulted my guys by the woods. But I had more assault weapons and got a defensive fire so this turned out to be a bad idea. I also got the rest of the German rocket guys so things are looking ok.

In the end I also got the German commander giving me 3 points, and my commander got killed by a machine gun. I had a good chance to get another of the 2 man teams in an assault but failed my morale test. On the other hand I almost got roasted by a flame thrower but that missed.

You need to win by 2 to get a victory so this game ended in a draw.

All in all I would say the changes to Bolt Action are pretty good, but they are very minor. At the end of the day it is still the same game, has some good ideas and some less good. I am still not that enthusiastic about it if I am honest.


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