Monday, 7 November 2016

Fall-In - Day 2

So on to day 2, main event of which was the Epic Armageddon tournament.

I played Imperial Guard: Steel Legion with the following list:

Regimental HQ Supreme Commander 500 
  12 Infantry, 7 Chimera 
Tank Company 850 
  10x Leman Russ 
  Tank Squadron (3 Demolishers) 
Artillery Battery 250 
  3 Basilisks 
Storm Trooper Platoon 350
  8 Storm Troopers 
  Valkyrie Transport 
Sentinel Squadron 100 
  4 Sentinels
Super­heavy Tank Platoon 200 
Warhound Titan 250

We were playing the normal tournament scenario for all of the games, for those that aren't familiar you have to get 2 goals from a list of 5-6 on turn 2 of 3 to win. They are things like break the biggest formation, defend all objectives on your half, keep the enemy off your half, capture opposing objectives, ect..

Game 1, Vs Tau:

First game was on a city board vs the Tau. Seemed like it would be tough with so many tall buildings as all there skimmers could just pop up and shoot with impunity. Anyway I deployed tanks and the titan on the far right to go for some objectives there, infantry in the center with the artillery, and baneblade and some sentinels on the left to go for an objective way over there, hopefully not to contested.

First turn I bombed a Tau tank formation that was the break the enemies spirit (most expensive formation). Advanced the infantry up the middle to shoot at some infantry that occupied a building.

I brought up the storm troopers to support, and my tanks came over to take some shots at the Tau tanks that moved up to fire. The buildings and the big park where really preventing my tanks from getting full effect thou. To many places to hide on this board.

Next turn my infantry got shot up pretty bad by the Tau infantry, and another unit put a big hurt on my storm troopers. I bomber the tanks again but not to much of an effect. On the right my tanks and titan moved up between the buildings and on the left my sentinels and baneblade advanced onto that objective. But some scary suits where coming their way.

Lots of fire power was keeping me from getting to much into striking range.

On the last turn in a move mainly for fun I assault some big tau suits which had gotten caught by a small recon formation of light vehicles. This killed allot of them and they were driven back but I was a hair shy of getting on to that half off the board.

So the Tau were able to get points for defending all of their objectives and preventing me from having unbroken formations across the table.

Game 2: Vs Knights

For the second game I had to face off against some big scary titans. 17 or 18 of the scary things plus some supports. This time I put my objectives close together in the middle based on advise from my first opponent. I put my infantry far out on the right as they were feeling kind of weak to me, and sentinels on the left. I figured these guys could skirt around the main central battle and go for objectives. I also rolled allot better on the amount of free commissars. 

Turn 1 we are mainly just advancing. My infantry raced up to shelter in the first ruins on their journey faced off by some rough riders behind the woods. My tanks moved up and shot some kind of artillery type titans, and I shot artillery against the big titan formation. This time there is lots of room to shoot my tanks, but the titan also have lots of big guns! Some planes also flew on and put a hurt on my storm troopers.

Next time around the rough riders assaulted my infantry but lost pretty hard, then I moved up to the next room. By this time I didn't think I would get to the blitz but I thought it would draw the big titan formation off my tanks. I moved up my titan to fight them but he turned out to be not very interested in that battle. Some planes attacked my artillery but accomplished not allot. My tanks continued to press in. They are taking a ton of fire but passing allot of re-enforced armor saves. But a unit of close combat titanks moves right up into their faces, which I fear doesn't mean anything good. My baneblade got one of them. My sentinels moved forward but got shot up a bit by the AA guns.

I got the first go and tried to soften the close combat knights as much as I could, but they are hard to kill and did bad things.

No more tanks, and another unit stomped up the bane blade crap!

In the end I sent my infantry up to the back objective, but they got shot up by some titans. My storm troopers moved to contest my blitz, but also got shot up.

I think this left the titans with breaking my spirit and capturing the blitz, and me with nothing.

Game 3: Vs Orks:

Final game, and I think the most fun game, was against a horde of Orks in some ruins. I kept the infantry and tanks in the middle and everything else on the flanks. The baneblade and his sentinel buddies on the left, and Mr. Titan on the right.

Some fighta bombers tried to shoot up my infantry and the titan, but they didn't accomplish much. I advanced my tanks to shoot at the big gunz mob in the middle ruins, and along with my artillery killed some of them. Some ork copters and a bike mob moved up on the left driving back my baneblade. Finally my titan moved up and my storm troopers moved into the ruins planning to assault the big gunz mob.

Also some jump pack orks flew up on the left.

I got a good chance and won the initiative but my storm troopers failed to activate I think, or maybe I lost the initiative I forget. Either way another mob advanced in the up and shot at them a bit. I dropped my artillery on the Orks bike mob and killed allot of them, and moved my sentinels in front of the baneblade to try and protect him. My infantry sheltered into the woods. My tanks moved up again and put allot of pressure on the big gun guys but not quite enough to break them. Some stompas moved up, but my titan got some good hits and forced them back. Finally a big old mod of orks moved into the face of my tanks!

Turn 3 the time for assaults! The big orks mob moved in and assaulted my tanks, beating them by a hair and forcing them back! Another big mob assaulted my storm troopers. I won this won by a hair I think but both formations end up falling back broken so it was not all that decisive.

I dropped my artillery on the first mob that assaulted me and despite low numbers I got luck killing their supreme commander and just enough to break them. My baneblade recovered so the sentinels were free to race forward. The jump Pack Orks hopped to the ruins by my blitz objective but got shot up my all the infantry.

No one could win so it was on to turn 4. We both had some battered formations, the orks had allot broken which are hard to rally, and I had my tanks mostly gone and storm troopers battered. Both sides made a good attempt. Some fighta bombers tried to stop my sentinels, but only got 1 so they were able to get on the blitz objective. Some other ones and the stompas and big gunz all tried to finish off my tanks. They very nearly did but the fearless commissar tank refused to die! It ended up that the only objective achieved was my sentinels on the blitz. So it was a tie that would be decided by points. With my big expensive tanks broken and below half I lost in that but not by a huge margin I guess.

So that was 3 losses for me so I ended up at the bottom. Not unexpected really, but was allot of fun to get a chance to play this game which I really enjoy. I kind of want to do an Ork army now seems like good fun. Would be nice to get some more units for the Guard also but sadly they are hard to get a hold of now.

As before here are some pictures of other random interesting games:

Cool Castle
Lots of Drop Pods
Neat big Murder Bull

A Windmill we were giving Chris a hard time about Windmills all weeknd

Was busy most of the day so that is all I got.

Shopping wise I picked up some Ottomans for By Fire and Sword, and sprinkle of Romans to finish off that army. Also grabbed the new Bolt Action rule book because why not right?

Really enjoyed the Con looking forward to the next one. Seemed like they were doing some repairs to the Host (the hotel) so that is always nice to see!


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  1. Cool write up. Looks like a lot of fun. I also bought a second editing bolt action rule book.