Monday, 21 November 2016

Battle Report - Ronin

Hello All,

So had a big Samurai game over on the weekend. There was 4 of us in total, Me with the Koryu (Fencing School) Stan had some Bandits, and Duncan and Ed had different groups of Samurai. I didn't really add up the points just choose a bunch of stuff that was on hand and hoped that it would work out. Everyone also had their own secret objective card that tells them what to do.

Here is a shot fairly early on. The buildings represent the school so my guys are all in and around that area. One group of Samurai is coming in from the right escort some important person. Another group is coming from the left to meet them, but they are mostly interested in killing Bandits. The Bandits are trying to get some loot from the school, but also one of the Samurai is a spy so they want to meet up with him as well.

Chaos breaks out pretty fast. My guys attacked the Samurai being escorted, but have no armor so they were getting cut down left right and center. But I did put some guys at the gate to prevent them from entering. The Bandits made a B-Line for the loot taking arrows from the other Samurai as they went.

The Samurai continue to close in. By now my guys are all dead except for the Sensei, so he hops the wall and runs off. The Bandits have scaled the wall grabbing what they can, with a big scary Ronin to hold off the Samurai.

Allot of Angry people

The Bandits are mostly able to get away, well the ones that matter at least. The peasants pretty much all die. We called it around here as there was pretty much just Samurai hanging around. I added up the victory points that I had arbitrarily assigned. I got none as my school was looted and everyone died! The escorting Samurai got a bunch for the Escorts being alive, but didn't kill enough of the right people to score super high. The Bandits got allot of points for loot but failed to meet the Spy. Finally the Angry Samurai got a bunch of points for killing people. But ended up 2 points short of the Bandits.

But the Samurai commander cut his belly to avoid the shame of defeat giving them 2 more points for a tie game! We added in some undead stuff for a bit of a laugh in the post game turn, so that explains the ghoul!



  1. The game was a lot of fun -- It turned out to be ridiculously unbalanced (especially for your faction) but it still worked out really well.

    1. Ya I never really had a chance, armor is important in this period it seems! But still was fun,I probably should have added up the points and checked the armies a bit better. But it worked out in the end.