Monday, 7 November 2016

Fall-In 2016 - Day 1

Hello All,

Back from the Fall-In convention so time to start making some posts about that goodness. I am going to make one post for each of the main gaming days, give a short report for the games I played and some random shots of games and set ups that just seemed interesting to me. Day one was my free day so I played in some random games, and on the second day I had a tournament.

Brazen Chariots:

First thing we did was sign up for a game and then grab a quick breakfast. We played this game before at previous cons and it was always fun so we decided to give it another go. This year the poles are part of the push to close the falaise gap and we are trying to ride off the board edge way down in the back. Well maybe are real plan is to just blow up tanks and have fun who knows!

We started off barreling towards the little village, the 3 Panzer 4s on the left are mine. The polish are doing likewise in there much faster cromwell tanks. As you can see one of us has stopped to fire off some widely inaccurate shots.

Action starting to heat up now as we near the town. I am about to be in a gun fight with 3 cromwells you can see the dust clouds across the field.

One of the main things with this game is that it is really hard to hit anything if you are moving fast, but then when you stop you are easy to hit. So it is key to be the first one to get an effect round so you need to stop at the right time. Here the opposing Cromwells have slowed allot but there are still allot of modifiers so they all miss.

But with them stopped my odds are much greater when I then also stop and almost all of my shots hit.

The Panzer 4 also has a better gun so this is not a good gun duel for the Cromwells to be in. I am able to destroy all 3 with no losses with some help from the next guy. We also killed allot of tanks all along the line but with some heavier losses on the other side.

With the tanks in front of me dead I made a mad rush for the edge of the board. But some Sherman re-enforcements were making life a little difficult.

At the end we were declared the winner, we weren't able to break out of the falaise pocket but we were able to destroy lots of polish tanks. We were told that some Typhoons would most likely be along to destroy us, but I figure that is a problem for the next gamer!

After this it was me for lunch and loads of shopping.

Saving Private Ryan:

The evening game I got into was a Saving Private Ryan game. I didn't get to many pictures of this one sadly for one reason or another. The idea is to give a recreation of 3 scenes from the movie which have to be advanced through to see if we can find Ryan before he gets killed. Each of us got 2 people to start with. I had Tom Hanks and Wade the medic. The first round had us running up through a bombed out city trying to get a sniper and a HMG before we got killed.

Here we are running along. The German player was hesitant to take any shots so we got very close. One chap took a sniper hit but got saved by wade, though he was out for the rest of the games. Another gut all shot up by the machine gunner. Then our sniper took out the bad guy, and we grenaded the machine gun. On to game 2.

I didn't get a good picture of round 2 but imagine this without the half track and the radar bunker on broken. We had to run across a field and kill this HMG nest. We took lots of fire and we guy lost his nerve and ran off. But good old Tom was able to run up and toss a grenade right in there killing the Germans.

The last turn was a Paratrooper ambush on a recon half track. You can see our guys hiding in the long grass. Ryan ambushed with his bazooka but missed completely. However another paratrooper got the initiative and managed to get a grenade right in the half track which went off and killed basically everyone. So another win for us with not to many casualties at all.

This was a fun set of games, pretty interesting idea overall. But it took a bit longer to get through then it should have but then nothing is perfect. Wouldn't mind trying something like this again sometime.

Finally here are some random pictures of games I thought looked cool or interesting. I didn't play any of these just walked around snapping pictures.

Civil War or Old West?

Giant Titans
Big SAGA game

Cursed Oil Rig

28mm Winged Hussars

Big Ships

Battle Fleet Gothic, Nice eldar ships

Cool droop fleet commander game

So there you have it for day 1.



  1. What type of rule set did they use in the tank battle (first game)

  2. It's called Brazen Chariots written by the guy who ran it. Pretty good everyone seems to like it, I got a copy the example rules. Basically like a tank skirmish game I guess.