Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Painting Update - 15mm Romans

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting update. I have been working hard to get my Triumvirate Roman army ready to try out some Art De Guerre. So got a bunch of finished off bases to show you.


Might as well start  off with the big man himself, Julius Caesar. Seems a bit odd maybe to have him all by himself. But this game lets you have Generals that are incorporated in units, or separate so since you don't want Caesar dieing in a sword fight I felt he should be separate. The model is from Warmodelling which I don't really like that much but he is the one I have. The main issue is that he is bigger then his horse!

Elephant & Artillery:

Next there is a couple of fun bases. An artillery unit from CB and a big old elephant which is Essex. This Roman list allows you to have a mediocre Elephant, so can't pass that up. The Essex guy at Fall-In convinced me to get the cheapest Elephant so that is him hah,


Then I have another pair of Legions, these ones are meant to be ordinary so just red. Original plan was just to make a 100 point army which limited me to 6 legions, but I decided to just go all the way and get 200 points so now I needed a few more.

Light Troops:

A couple of stand of light troops. The 2 on the right are new, they are Cretan Archers, somehow they look a bit like elf archers to me but there you go. They are elite in this game.

Medium Infantry, Spears:

Lastly I have another unit of medium infantry, this time with spears. These ones are CB and I was running out of medium infantry with spears so half of these guys have swords. But the ones in front mostly have spears so I figure they can count either way.

I only have a few more stand to do to complete my goal now. Another pair of legions, this one in green to be freshly recruited legion which are mediocre, one more stand of cavalry, I probably will do another couple of stands of lone generals as well. I think that will give me 200 points with a few options to mess around with.

Warrior Monk:

In addition to all of the Romans I also got another 28mm Samurai guy done. This time another warrior monk leader. He is meant to be an Ashigaru commander.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 330 (Got some Ottomans at Fall-In) 
Painted: 423
Total: +93


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