Sunday, 27 November 2016

Painting - Romans and War of the Roses

Hello All,

Time for another painting update I suppose.

Lately I have been working on some more 15mm ancients as you will see. I have also been working on a side project of Age of Sail ships. Finally time to get that set completed. I have most of the painting done there, but still have the rigging to do so you should see them in the next couple of weeks. Anyway on to the stuff that is completed.


I finished off the last few stands I needed to have a full size (200 Points) army for Art de la Guerre in Triumvirate Romans. These legions are some Essex models I got at cold wars which are a bit smaller so I put more guys in front and just the command at the back. I wanted to be able to use these as mediocre legion so I painted their stuff green (hah). Also the final Cav from my CB romans set to round out the mounted troops. That is almost all of that set done, except from the legions which are for a different period. But that gives me enough for now, with a decent mix of stuff.

War of the Roses:

I was enjoying this kick of 15mm ancients that I have been on, so I decided why not keep it going. So I moved on to some old DBA sets that I have had kicking around for years. First up is a Museum Miniatures War of the Roses set. This army had a ton of options in DBA so this is a quite large set. I figured this would get me a good bit of the way to an army so I went for that first.

Foot Knights:

First up a couple of stands of foot knights. these were super easy and fast to paint due to mostly being armor. This is when I decided this was a great period! hah.

Mounted Knights:

Also some mounted knights of course. I gather they didn't get used alot, but also not never.

Bows and Giant F-Off Cannon:

Of course there are some ranged troops. The set actually has quite allot of bows. Like 7 stands in DBA terms I think.And a huge cannon which is just good fun. I painted them in the livery of the Earl of Warwick as I went to his castle one time and it was pretty cool.

Bit Stick Guys:

More peasants to due the dieing, these guys have pikes and bills. I really like the look of the bill men for some reason.

That is all I have done so far. Still some more knights, archers, and Irish javelins to do. Will have to order a few more stands to finish this army off since it is pretty cool actually. I think I will end up a bit more then half way to a full army. So just need a few more commanders and foot guys and what not I guess.

Well that's all for now, let me know what you think!

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