Monday, 8 May 2017

Battle Report - Muskets and Tomahawks

Hello Folks,

This weekend I had a chance to play some muskets and tomahawks, at Bruce's. We had bunch of natives attacking a British fort. I forget the name of the fort now, but that is not important! This is a pretty fun game, and people always have some really nice terrain for it, so is almost always a good time. I had the main force of native

Here we are pretty early on, the natives have moved up to the officers house. 2 British were in the flower fields, who proved difficult to eradicate. I attacked with 2 of my units, but failed to kill him. Then he charged the cheif and was promptly killed! The natives on the other side are already attacking the fort and getting pushed back by lots of guns.

Some time later I am starting to get there now, but we are getting low on natives on the other side. Every time a British unit shoots we basically loose a unit of 6. My idea was to move more around to the back where there were less British units, but this may have been a mistake as it took a bit more time.

It turned out that a few British straggles had been stuck in a blockhouse. one of my units decided to flee close by to that. So I attacked it next turn. I killed one and then tried to chop down the door, but never quite made it. Sometimes failing and sometimes forgetting to roll. As you can see my one ladder is way back there which is great!

Getting in close now. The bushes along the well represent a hole in the wall where you can just walk through.

Streaming in now, we have the Grenadiers in a melee, which is grinding away. We are drawing for turn after turn so they are slowly getting killed. But the other Natives are getting all shot up.

Part of my plan was to send a few unit around to the gate, because that seemed fun. Getting close to it now, so the pressure is on! On the other side there is a line up to get into the melee, so I decided to shoot with some units, and managed to kill off a cannon crew.

The cotton balls represent musket smoke, so lots of shooting now as you can see.

Just about made it to the gate, but another unit has been freed up to move over, as all the natives on that side are dead! Harder to chop down the gate with people shooting you.

Fired a shot at the British and made a go for the gate. I eventually got it down to 1 hit! But then my guys got to shot up and ran. But pretty close! As you can see to the left, we have killed the Grenadiers, and scalped the color party and got a couple of unit inside the fort. But we had lost enough guys for morale to be an issue, and allot of units fled. With a more or less fresh British unit there to get in the way we were pretty doomed.

The last stragglers fleeing. You can see the British dead to the right, they also had a morale card in the works, but it is allot less damaging for them. They are much less likely to abandon the fort and run off into the woods for some reason!

Was a real fun game, great fort and lost of cool models. I need to get some of my stuff for this on the go at some point.

Be sure to let us know what you think.



  1. Great looking table Mike...nice write-up, sorry I couldn't make it.

  2. Most impressive table!!