Monday, 15 May 2017

Painting Update - 15mm Warrior Monk for Cangames

Hello All,

Time for another painting post. With Cangames coming up real soon the deadlines are approaching so it was time to get down to some serious painting business. With that in mind over the last week and a half or so I switched over to do some Ikko Ikki Warrior Monks for my Samurai game at cangames (Azukizaka 1564). I have had these models for awhile along with a bunch more 15mm Samurai, so finally got an excuse to get some done.

They are a mix of Peter Pig and Museum Miniatures. Most of the Peter Pig stuff I had is done now, but wish I had more, still a but of the museum stuff left to go.

Tokugawa Iieyasu:

Before getting into the Monks I have a few new Samurai stands to show. This is the model of Iiyasu from I think old glory? Along with a few peter pig guys, and the baggage horses are from Museum. I decided that since I have the actual model of the Samurai commander for this battle I might as well paint him! They sell a set with a whole bunch of the Lords from this period, which is pretty cool.


I also did a few messenger stands. The idea for these is that the Samurai commander can use them to give some generals re-rolls on command tests, which I think is pretty cool.

Warrior Monks - Teppo (Arquebus):

Ok on to the bad monks! Here is 2 units of Monks armed with guns, along with some commanders, drummers, and a banner. These are all from Peter Pig, great models. I did all of this stuff using the colored sprays from GW. So I primed then sprayed them all yellow, which helps allot, after a wash and a dry brush you just have to do all the details, flesh ect..

Warriors Monks - Close Combat:

A few units of Monks ready for close combat. Most of them have Naginata, but one has swords. Again from Peter Pig, great models. I still haven't decided if the Naginata should be rated differently, allot of rule sets count them as heavy weapons, but that seems to be over rating them in Pike and Shotte, if they were that good everyone would use them!

Warrior Monks - Teppo:

Another group with guns, these guys are from Museum Miniatures. As you can see they have a very different style. I guess it would be fair to say they are not as good, but they have their own charm. Good to mix in a few different looking units anyway. The selection of just Monks from Peter Pig is not that big.

Warrior Monk - Close Combat: 

Another set of angry Monks, 3 units again from Museum. You can see from the spears that they are not as historically accurate, but they do the job. A bit more variety in terms of weapons as you can get spears, but less different poses.

Ikko Ikki - Angry Peasants:

 Well in an Ikko Ikki force there are bound to be a few hordes of angry peasants. So here they are, a bunch from Peter Pig. The back stand is a bit of a cheater one as I added in a few old ones that I just re-based. I like the big hammer ones the best, but there are a few guys carting severed heads, so they are angry and successful. I put them on deeper bases that are not as wide, so it seems more like a horde formation.

Ikko Ikki - Re-based:

 A few more stands of hordes, these are not new paint jobs, you can probably tell they are worse. I just rebased some more of my old DBA style guys over into the new standard to bulk up the hordes. I also switched over a few units of Samurai and some more Ashigaru but don't have pictures of those.


Well with time counting down I decided to set up the armies for the game and make sure they were balanced and what needed to be added. The Monks on the Top and Samurai below, set out in 3 commands each, so 6 players. I forget how many I said there would be. This gives me a good amount for the game so I think I am ok, but will add a few more if I can. Have some other terrain items and such to do as well so this is most likely just about it for now.

This went surprisingly well, more then double what I was hoping to complete, tempted to get some Koreans now for next year!

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