Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cangames - Part 2

Hello Folks,

Time for part 2 of the Cangames coverage! This time I will post some pictures and a bit of a battle report of the games where I was just an ordinary player.

Bagotrix Rides Out - Hail Caesar - 28mm:

The first one I have for you is Duncan's Roman game, which has become a tradition I guess? This year we have a bit more of a field battle, int a lightly wooded area. Lots of nice 28mm models as you can see, I think there were 9 people in this game, so it was a big one. I played on the angry British side, and commanded the naked fanatics in the bottom center. So I would have to wait my turn to murder some Romans.

First couple of turns both armies and mostly just advancing, and maybe trading a few shots. But on the left the Numidian cavalry has wasted no time in charging our lines. Sadly the rest of their  division has blundered and turn around into the woods!

After that there are quickly tons of charge. Both of our cavalry divisions are busy obliterating each other and I have advanced up the middle waiting for my turn to fight! Just need to barbarians in front to die! On the other side they are still playing around with the light horse for some reason.

The battle continues along, we are mostly trading units in the center and only a few mounted units remain. My Naked barbarians got restless so they had to charge a unit of Roman knights in the flank and now they are all dead. Looks like on the other flank they are starting to have some fun.

With all the mounted troops dead, the naked druids now move on to murdering the roman archers, which they do with ease. The rest of my troops have been left behind thou, but there fault for missing an opportunity for blood. Meanwhile everyone else is busy with the task of killing Romans.

Next turn the Romans finish the job of beating up our first command to get in the battle, but most of their units are in hard shape. As you can see in the pictures they have lots of cubes, and cubes are bad.

I sent in the rest of my guys and break some more Romans, and our last cavalry unit charged another in the flank, with the naked barbarians breaking yet another unit. At this point there are precious few Roman units left, not even the poor elephant has survived, so the game was called as a British victory! Good times had by all.

Seige of Fort William Henry - Bombards and Bayonets - 28mm:

Next up was Eds fort game, as pictured! John and I were given the task of defending this thing against the angry hordes of French. This game has a strategic half of the game where you trade cannons shots and they dig trenches, and bad things happen to the fort, and then a tactical part with a grand assault!

The French shoot lots of bad cannons at us a advance there trench. On our side we contracted small pox and caught on fire. This is pretty late in the strategic phase I think, our battery on the right has exploded, and the center sections is about to fall apart. But we sent a messenger through the woods full of Natives, escorted by Rangers, to Fort Albany for reserves and got an event which gave the maximum amount!

That is allot of French people, and our Fort now has a big hole. They set up some mortars in the forward section and were primed to blow us to smithereens, but John rolled a bucket of sixes, so they didn't get to stick around!

Seeing how the wind was blowing we sent everyone forward, and put the rangers in a house.

But the French blasted that house to shards in one shot! I complained we were told it was the safest spot, so most of the Rangers survived. Also Fort Albany turned up so we now have lots of guys, and the French came in the front door.

So we had a rather large assault, even the small pox guys got in there for a taste.

We were able to kill them all and capture a colonel, but lost our fancy hat grenadiers mostly. Lucky that our cannons all exploded to leave a nice place to have fights in! The Rangers were left to defend the walls and we used our leaders to shoot the remaining cannons. All the gunners were dead. They took a try at killing our guys, but only destroyed the cannons!

Eventually more French came in for our party and we fought them at the new gate.

We had lots of Red Coats and nice hats to use now thou so we kept pushing them back.

In the end almost all of our original guys were dead, just a few rangers and half the color party, but we still had almost all of the Albany guys. As you can see there is a distinct lack of Blue coated people in the trench and we are now marching out to get them! So this was a pretty successful defend for us, even virulent small pox couldn't keep down!

Fun game and nice terrain, always good to kill French people?

Docking of the SS Grozny - Force on Force on Z - 15mm:

For the last game we had our usual Force on Force weird laughs game. This time the ship from last year has shown up at a dock in Kenya? We had some African insurgents trying to get on there to get weapons, against some Americans trying to get the weapons. Also there were zombies!

This game was a tale of failure for us, we continually failed to activate our units and rolled bad resulting in event cards. This eventually gave us the result that the zombies were even more skilled the the Americans! Although we did have one early success and put 4 wounds on a sniper teams, and one on a fire team.

In the end most of our guys were killed, as we failed to get many re-enforcements, and the Americans locked thigns down with over watch. We managed to get one team on the ship and got a few victory points, but then got killed by bad zombies. The Americans had opened up a few crates and were a bit ahead on victory points, and they were able to kill some zombies! So it was a clear win for those guys. We had a good laugh at our failures in the first half thou so it was not as bad as it seems maybe?

Not that many pictures as it was late in the con, also Serge was not around to remind me to take pictures which may also have been a factor.

As a bonus here is a shot of Nick and George's huge Seven Years War game. Tons of guys shooting it out, each side had over a thousand miniatures!

Also George did a unit of NFLD Regiment, with blue putees, that is just cool so have to post a picture of that. They were using Flames of War Great War with 20mm stuff, which I think is pretty neat. Never played the game but I just assume these heroes carried the day.

So that is all for my Cangames coverage, feel free to let me know what you think, and feel free to post links to your own posts in the comments always nice to see what others were up to, lots of cool games going on so hard to be aware of all of them.


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  1. Looks great Mike, I'll have to get my pics up as well. Nice reporting.