Thursday, 18 May 2017

Painting Update - Last few bits for Cangames!

Hello All,

Getting really close to the big event now, just about have everything I need completed, so I guess it is time to toss up another painting post!

Ikko-Ikki General:

First up a command stand for my new Warrior Monks army, need to have at least one guy who is not obviously a Samurai to be in charge of things. These guys are all Museum Miniatures.


I also did a few sets of bamboo defenses. I tried a version both with and without the resin piece they come with, I think it looks allot better without so I will be dropping that from now on. I only need a few for this game, but I do have a bunch more to paint for some day when I do Nagashino. They are all from Baueda.


And here is another Sisters of Battle unit, the Seraphim. Kind of hard to see but they have jet packs and lots of pistols, and some have hand flamers. A faster unit to go capture ground of start some assaults.

Chaos Death Wheel:

A couple of big crazy Chaos Deathwheels, I guess they are mining equipment gone mad. Not quite done as I need to complete the base, but I needed a picture for the card and have to do those today. Not a big deal to finish off. These are resin vehicles from Gregsters Lab, he doesn't have a huge range but does have some really cool stuff.

Chaos Bloodletters of Khorne:

Finally a small group of demons, think I had forgotten to post these before.

Just a few small terrain elements to finish off this evening and I am good to go. Have most of the scenario creating done as well so I am ahead of the game this year it seems. Looking forward to the Con should be a laugh.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 114 (Lake Town Master)
Painted: 142
Total: 28


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