Monday, 29 May 2017

Painting - Zombies!!

Hello Folks,

Time for the next big thing! Well sort of, really the next big thing is Aeitus and Arthur SAGA but I had to order some Decals to really get going on that. Also the new SAGA dice are out of stock which is really a bummer for me. But I have gotten the ball rolling on that the first unit is assembled and started.

But I decided to have a minor detour and paint a couple of Zombies, I thought it would be a good fun idea to do something light before getting into the next big project. Well painting Zombies turned out to be allot more fun and easy then I would have though so I just completed my box. Back around Cold Wars I got the Walking Dead All Out War! Box from Mantic Games. My main reasioning was that there wasn't tons of models in there so it would be easy to do hah. The game seems easy and fun also, so will have to try it out, they are billing it a bit as the ultimate gateway miniatures game, which seems true honestly.

Anyway here a few shots of my stuff:


That's not a zombie? Ok true on Saturday I had to go to Hobby House to get some more clear spray, and I saw a pack of really big trees and some flowers and couldn't resist giving them a shot. I got a square base from the art store, they are selling ones now that are primed with Gesso for like a dollar, so I tossed this together which is pretty cool right. I left it in the back ground for the other pictures, have a second one to do which will be coming soon I guess.


Here we have working guy zombie, regular joe zombie, and waitress zombie.I tried to give the working guy a plaid shirt which turned out ok. You can now see the bigness of the tree!

More Zombies:

Then there is skinny zombie, topless guts zombie, and mini skirit zombie. Ready to eat some brains and they have most of their arms.

Still Zombies:

Then we have work out zombie, republican zombie, and real estate agent zombie. I tried to write TRUMP on the hat for republican zombie, but this was not completely successful, but you can see it a bit. I perhaps got a bit carried away with the Vomit effect on the real estate agent zombie, but I just like that there is a vomit effect ok! For most of these I was using the I think army painter blood effect, but I realized towards the end the GW one is just a hundred times better, oh well.

Not done Zombies yet!:

Next to shamble past are hospital gown zombie, old man zombie, and boring T-Shirt zombie. I am not really sure what color hospital gowns are now days, I kind of felt like green. The internet was telling me there are a variety of colors so I went with blue. The last guy has a messed up foot and missing arm which is kind of fun as well!

Ok Last One:

Those are all the zombies you get in the core box, but when I was at Cold Wars, they gave me a free one! Turned out to be a duplicate waitress zombie, but it's free right. I just went for a different color dress. Was using the GW blood by now which you can see is better. Also the white aprons are great for showing of stains!


Of course you get some survivors as well. They are based on the comic book characters. This is Liam Carl and Rick. Carl and Rick I know from the show, Liam seems like he will soon be eaten thou...

Survivors 2:

Finally there is Sandra, Derek and Patrick. There game is set up a bit like Frostgrave where you are trying to scavenge loot items from another rival group and there are zombies around, just there are more of them I guess. Anyway, I like the baseball bat guy his bat is a bit bent, but that happens with this kind of use I guess!

So ya painting this set was allot of fun, will have to do some terrain and what not and give it a go. It comes with 2D cardboard stuff but that is not really up to snuff!

I tossed out the plastic insert and put in a magnetic sheet so now I can use the box as a storage!

There will most likely be more of this kind of stuff coming, so look forward to that! Hopefully will have some Romans and a bit of Western stuff for the next update.

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  1. Looks really good Mike...a nice batch of painting out of the way, well done!