Monday, 1 May 2017

Major Painting Update - Epic Armageddon

Hello All,

Been awhile since the last painting update! Few reasons for that various things going on so not as much progress for awhile there, and then I got to a point where I figured I would just finish off my Chaos stuff first. Also once the amount of stuff got bigger there started to be some procrastination....

Anyway here is the stuff that is now completed!

Most of these are newer models from other companies, but Chaos Space Marines and the Juggernauts are actually old GW models and they are plastic.


Chaos Knight Titans:

A trio of small titans, I put a stand of infantry to give a bit of a scale. They have big fists for punching things and giant melta guns.

Chaos Vindicators:

A big unit of Chaos tanks, these are siege breaking type assault guns so should come in handy to break through the trenches. Game wise they have short range, but their cannons ignore cover.

Juggernauts of Khorne:

Some big beasties, these models are not exactly awesome, well they are old and it is hard to have detailed 6mm plastics. You can make out the mount fine even it looks odd from the front. But I am not really sure what there weapon is meant to be. In the modern game only demons can ride them so there isn't really an equivalent. They look cool from a distance thou.


Next up a big of fire support, a small unit of Havocs (heavy weapons squad). These guys have loads of reaper auttocannons to bring the pain.

Chaos Warband:

A chaos warband in the red and sliver of the World Bearers, lead by a mighty Demon Prince. Just more infantry not all that interesting really I guess. The World Bearers are known for worshipping all the Chaos Gods, so that gives me the ability to do whatever I want Demon wise.

Greater Demons:

Couple of greater Demons. I couldn't really find ones that looked like they should so I just painted them different. The green one is meant to be Nurgle (disease), and the Purple Tezench (Change/Magic).


Unit of Nurgle Demons with a Demon Prince, they have rusty swords and are infested with Nurgles rot.

Pink Horors:

Another group of Demons, this time some Tezench demons. They red is meant to be the chaos flames they throw out to burn their enemies. Yet another Demon Prince, some of them I will probably just call Heralds, but I found it look cool with one bigger Demon!

Chaos Cultists:

Finally a bunch of Chaos Cultists, of Nurgle. These are just normal humans, some have guns and some pistols and close combat weapons. They are mainly fodder to get in the way and be killed. The big guy is a Dark Apostle, so make sure they die in the right place and stay crazy.

Chaos Armies:

Here is a group shot with all of my Chaos stuff to date together, ready to invade Cadia at Cangames! I have a few bits to add that haven't arrived yet, but this is mainly it. A bit short on vehicles if I am honest but you can only do so much with these old games and not everything is available. But I think it will be ok.

Sisters of Battle:

Battle Mission:

First up for the Sisters of Battle are a few squads and their transports. Lead by a Canniness, the supreme commander for this army. I decided to go with a black and yellow color for these ladies, which I think is pretty cool. All of this stuff is from Onslaught Miniatures. They have a good line for this army so there is a good amount of options. But I already have allot of stuff for the imperial side so keeping it a bit smaller.


A smaller formation but with heavy weapons. It's a bit hard to see but they all have 2 Heavy Bolters. Turns out there should be 6 stands really but I only had enough for 4. The 4 stand unit should have melta guns, I may fix that we but also may not!

Saint Celestine:

Next up is the saint, kind of the hero of the battles of cadia. Even have different models for her 2 gemina superia that follow her around. I thought it was pretty neat that they even had a model for them!


A bunch of battle tanks for the sisters. They  are very different from what the GW tank would look like, but I think they are better (theirs has a big organ gun thing, like from a church). I might change the stats on the turret to just be twin linked lascannons, but I dunno might just be counts as as well.

So that is where I am at with the painting for Cangames. Mostly done, just some terrain elements for this game. I did some trenches last night, now I just need to do 3 big Obelisks to fight over and maybe a couple of more Sisters units if there is time. I will probably expand them a bit into a full army later on but this is about it for now. Still want to try and do a bit more 15mm Samurai stuff as well and there is only a few weeks left.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 113 (Zombies, Romans for Saga, and British WW2 Infantry from Cold Wars) 
Painted: 108
Total: -5


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