Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cangames 2017 - Part 1

Hello All,

I attended our local convention this past weekend, Cangames, so time for some Cangames coverage. this year instead of breaking it up by day I am going to do one post for the games that I ran, and then a second one for the games that I played in. So to start with here are some pictures and a brief report of the games I ran:

Fall of Cadia - Epic Armageddon - 6mm:

Here is the initial set up, the Chaos forces on the left are attacking the imperial forces on the right, who have set up a few trenches. The 3 huge obelisks are the goal of the game really, both sides need to control these at the end of the game. They are ancient devices which could be used to banish the demons basically. It turned out that we only had 3 players, instead of 6 so I played on the imperial side and we dropped 2 of the armies from the game, and switched the blue Space Marines down so they could be played.

The red plastic things you see are explosions (pin counters) I didn't have enough of the painted ones for this big of a game.

Here is a shot part way through turn one. The Chaos forces on the bottom have advanced towards the temple. But their Cultists who are quite weak were assault by Assault Marines, who broke their formation and pushed them back. Some Plague Demons then advanced to fill the gap in the line. In my section some Chaos tanks advanced and fired into the trenches, they are assault guns that are designed to break these kinds of defenses and were quite effect, killing half of one infantry platoons and breaking them. I fired some artillery in the Chaos Titans, and then marched in my scout walkers to hem them in so they couldn't advance. I was worried that they would be able to destroy and Obelisk if they got to close.

Some Juggernauts of Khorne (big demon rhinos) are assaulting me second trench line. I got a few kills through weight of fire, but they gutted this platoon as well, and there are some other demons inside my lines to the right. But the Space Marines are coming up to support attacking the big demon.

Here we are at the start of the next turn. Some Space Marines have advance far forward to capture a jamming site, this was their secondary objective that allowed a unit of Terminators to teleport on. Some more Chaos demons arrived from the warp and are about to kill my artillery, this would complete their objective and killing things in close assaults. My tanks have managed to kill allot of the Chaos tanks and push them back, but they are really breaking through and into my lines.

Here we are a bit latter, lots of losses on both sides. My artillery was destroyed as expected, but I was able to go first and send my tanks to help, so the demons were killed as well. But all of my infantry is now wiped out! The Space Marines and trading heavy fire with the Plague Demons but neither side is calling it quits yet. Lucky for us we were able to kill one of the Titans and break their formation, so that is a big help.

The Juggernauts of Khorne then assaulted onto the hill and killed the Marines tanks in a close assault. Meanwhile the Plauge Demons engaged in a close fire fight with the Space Marines which saw a few losses on each side but wasn't really decisive.

The Plague Demons were able to complete their objective, which was to defile the temple, so they got a Death Wheel on from reserve. This broke a unit of Marines in an assault and they started to really close in on us.

The big red demon and his pall have killed of my tanks, so we now have only the Space Marines left to try and hang on.

But most of their units were broken of killed, so it was a clear victory for the forces of Chaos with Demons in control of both Obelisks, they will be destroyed shorty, and the Planet of Cadia is doomed to fall.

Samurai Battles Azukizaka (1564) - Pike and Shotte - 15mm:

The second game I ran was a Samurai game, a few people had been asking to do this type of game again. On the right we have the Samurai Army attacking a bunch of Warrior Monks and Peasants (Ikko Ikki) on the left, along with a group of Samurai that have betrayed their lord up by the big river. This time there was an extra player, so I split one of the commands in half. Again each of the players had a secret objective, such as get in the temple (big village) ect.. The main ones are that the commander of the Samurai had to get in a duel with the Monk commander, and the Samurai on the Monks side could turn traitor again and change sides if the Monk commander was killed in that duel!

Both sides got advancing swiftly, although the Samurai at the far end had allot of trouble passing command rolls, so their advance was a bit slow. On the close end thou no time was wasted charging the bamboo obstacles and quickly breaking a few units and pushing in. Peasants can't stand up to Samurai! On the center the monks deployed their ambush in the forest and started firing on the Samurai units.

On the close end the Samurai Cavalry that had pushed through the defenses were getting beaten up and pushed back by the Monks, so that command pulled back. In the center, the Samurai and chopping the the peasant militia with no problems, but the monks are giving them a good fight. On the far end the Samurai have advanced their Pikes to meet the charge, which is giving the Samurai a second thought.

The battle heats up in the center and the Samurai are becoming hard pressed, the monks have regained their defenses, and are sending a few units to advance and support the center. On the far side some continued failed command rolls, so that wing continue to stall and refuse combat. I guess they are not keen to fight their former comrades?

Around now the Samurai Commander (Tokugawa Ieyasu) fights his duel and kills the Monk commander, so the Samurai change sides! But they are really wavering now as many of their units are shaken, and the small unit of mounted monks has broken through as well.

The monks in the center have routed the Samurai facing them, having broken every unit! But they are now very hard pressed with 3 brigades of angry Samurai advancing on their flank from the far river, and the remnants of the mounted brigade moving to cut their retreat. We decided to call it here, as it was clear that the monks couldn't fight on 3 sides. But they have mainly broken through the Samurai center and given them heavy losses. So we decided to call it and indecisive victory for the Samurai. They have taken the field, but many of the Monks will escape to fight again, and despite a heroic duel, they have taken allot of losses.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it, so I was happy with the result, but some of the players were not able to get their armies really in the fight. I think next time we will try and modify slightly to make sure the armies are bale to advance from the start line. I am thinking about giving them at least one move until that battalion is near the enemy or something like that.

Hope you enjoyed that report, those were the 2 games I ran stay tuned to hear about the cool games I played in!



  1. Great looking games Mike...the tables looked outstanding.

  2. Hey Mike, had great fun in your Epic game. Sorry I missed your samurai game, but I was feeling a little under the weather.

    Thanks again for running them!

    1. Busy weekend can't play everything! Hoping to do the Samurai invasion of Korea next year, so there is always another chance.

  3. Wonderful tables, looks awesome!